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Won't Be The Debt of Me

Posted on Friday, June 21, 2019 | No Comments

Can three lifelong friends really outsmart hardened criminals?

A heartwarming yet tense story set in Dublin about three lifelong friends from a working-class background struggling to make ends meet. After a tragic turn of events, the friends must rally together to help their friend through a very difficult and complicated situation, one with risks and devastating consequences should things go wrong. The friends find themselves caught up in gangland feuds, money laundering, drug money and debts. Can they outsmart the real criminals or will they be found out...?

Charlie, Bill and Sticks are lifelong friends. They know one of them is going away for a long time. Charlie needs one last favour. This favour has a price. If everything goes well...then the problem is solved, but if it goes wrong, they will pay for it with their lives

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