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Moving Abroad: The Essentials

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Decided to move to another country? This is the Guide for you.

You’ll be guided step-by-step through the preparation of the move, the actual move and accommodation in the new country.

You'll be accompanied by:
• Detailed and comprehensive explanations
• Extensive and user-friendly checklists
• Easy move tracking exercises
• Real stories and useful tips from immigrants who’ve moved abroad successfully
• Very useful and country-specific online resources
… all in this first Master Guide of the Smoovster series.

The next two Smoovster Master Guides are:
• Moving Abroad: The Important, but Hidden
• Moving Abroad: The Mental & Emotional

In this first extensive Smoovster Master Guide, Moving Abroad: The Essentials, find out how to:
• Decide on the perfect location for you
• Take care of all the paper work
• Find a house you enjoy living in
• Find a job you love
• Make the packing short and sweet
• Inform yourself properly about the education, healthcare, insurance, bank, transportation, telecommunications, utilities
• Very valuable Bonus: Be on top of your budget at all times
• …and many more

Is this you?
• You want to move... but you don't know what to expect
• You feel overwhelmed by all the existing, but scattered information... and have many question
• You don't know what to do and when... in order for you and your family to be fully prepared, including emotionally

Use this Guide to avoid expensive mistakes, save time with your planning and get rid of your stress and overwhelm.

In the Smoovster program, we cover the
• Administrative
• Logistical
• Financial
• Social
• Mental
• Emotional
... aspects of your move.

Become the expert of your move, for you, your family and the ones around you! Let's do this!

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