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Quotes for Living a Happy Life

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Quotes for Living a Happy Life LIVE-LOVE-HAPPY - Happiness 'How To' Series - Book 3 Does it feel like Happiness is just out of reach; either just in front of you, behind you or sitting only in your friend's driveway? It is surrounding you and is yours for good, once you know how. Being happy, getting happy, staying happy is not random, it is by choice. Reach for this book each day for inspiration, motivation, laughs, smiles and enjoyment. This Book 3 of LIVE-LOVE-HAPPY Happiness 'How To' series is a fantastic compliment to Book 1 - How to Be Happy and Book 2 - How to Be Happy Companion Workbook. You will fall in love with the simple affirmations, sayings and advice these quotes have to offer. As you are working your way to True Happiness, use these quotes to help bring you laughs, smiles and enjoyment. Don’t wait any longer to discover how you can have true happiness, save riding roller coaster for the theme parks!

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