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How to Write a Story: an alternative approach using the subconscious

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Most books about writing stories analyse existing texts that use an established language. This book focuses on a time when language was just forming and on those first basic stories. What were those stories about? What inspired them? Which subconscious memories were they describing? These were the questions that inspired this book. In this book you will discover: - The 5 major plots that guide your story from beginning to end. - The 7 characters in every story. You will know immediately how these characters should act, say and look like. - The 5 minor plots that guarantee interest. Select one of the standard minor challenges and your story gains momentum. - Words to avoid. Learn the vocabulary that appeals to your audience and grabs their attention immediately. - The 2 types of conflict. Physical conflict gets attention but there is another situation that audiences love. It's subtle, it's used in the top-selling movies and novels.

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The Message for the Last Days

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The future is revealed by understanding the past where history and mystery are intertwined. "The Message for the Last Days" explains the progression of afterlife beliefs found within and outside of the Bible. It reveals the original message about Heaven compared to changes in culture over time leading to our vastly different modern interpretations. This new book explains how to get back to God's intentional gospel for the end of our age. Untangle the enigma in this new book to unlock the future.

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Project Chrysalis: Gestation

Thursday, August 29, 2019 Category : , 0

Facing Death itself, conducting dark rituals, and using forbidden magic? Being sent to hell is not something that 12-year-old Anji ever expected from a government orphanage program set in a VR fantasy RPG Chrysalis. Betrayed and fueled by homesickness and revenge, he will go through hell to face the things hidden in the darkest corners.

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The Rage

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Hidden in the darkness, they stalk the unwary. They have a hunger, a burning desire to taste of the flesh of others and their bite carries an infection, a virus that will send those who are bitten, crazy.

Those infected lose everything that makes them human, leaving them with just an urge for violence, for lust, for hunger and an unquenchable rage!

In the city of Leeds, Sarah, a young nurse, sees first-hand, the effects of this infection as it sweeps through the city, filling the emergency room with injured people. Unable to do more than bandage their wounds and send them home, she doesn’t realise how bad things are about to become.

Not far away, Jack, finds himself thrust into the role of leader as his tower block is quarantined by the military when martial law descends on the city. With little food and a community in terror, he has to hold things together and find a way to survive as the city dies around him.

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The Clone Problem

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Immortality can be deadly. It's 2179. Humanity has discovered the fountain of youth. Cloning technology and the Great Database give humans the ability to transfer their consciousness to new and improved cloned bodies. Living multiple lifetimes is a reality. Immortality is a very real possibility. But this scientific breakthrough comes at a steep price. The former United States finds itself in the throes of a Civil War. After decades of relentless persecution, the Clones have seceded from the Union, created the Pacific States of America and declared war on their tyrannical Mortal neighbors to the east. But it is a war the Clones have little hope of winning. They are outgunned, and they are grossly outnumbered. Jack Callahan is a Clone. Disillusioned with a lifetime of war, he is looking for a way out of his seemingly hopeless existence. He finds a glimmer of hope in his search for a mythical world that is said to exist beyond the boundaries of the Great Database. It is there that he hopes to find a way to end the war once and for all. But finding this mythical world is a race against the clock. After decades of searching, the Mortals have located the Great Database. They're on their way, and they're determined to destroy the Great Database and the Clones in one fell swoop.

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Search For The Butterfly

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Jennifer was supposed to be a Princess. Her father, having three sons already, rejoiced at the prospect of his only daughter becoming a spoilt daddy's girl. She would surely be raised to know love, to know how precious she is, and to always feel protected. But her mother's family had been crippled with tragedies, and who could have foretold the tragedies yet to come? How could she have been saved from her mother's heartache? How could anyone have prevented the imminent violations This is the true story of a little girl born into grief-stricken circumstances, who was 'spoilt' by tortuous abuse, and left with nothing but dread for her future. How did she find the courage to not only fight for survival as a child, but later for the sake of her own children, take control of the viciously belligerent voices inside herself, overcome her demons and break the cycle of despair?

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Half-Demon's Revenge

Tuesday, August 27, 2019 Category : , , 0

A dark fantasy series which is full of demons and necromancy by Lina J. Potter.A brand new story set in a new world, on the wide lands of a fairy kingdom. The land of Radenor is in need of salvation: the royal family and court are corrupt to their very core and full of vipers and backstabbers, the church is malevolent, people are starving, death has become a frequent guest of the mendicant people.

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Finding Ourselves in Venice, Florence, Rome & Barcelona

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In this feel-good travel memoir two veteran travelers explore the wonders of grand European cities discovering colorful characters, amazing architecture, fascinating art, and mouthwatering cuisine. 

Join Al and Sunny Lockwood as they ride the choppy green waters of Venice's Grand Canal. Stroll with them through romantic Florence letting its Renaissance art refresh your heart.

In Rome, visit St. Mark's Basilica, glittering with gold and candlelight.  And the   Sistine Chapel, still vibrant with Michelangelo's unique paintings. In the
Colosseum imagine gladiators battling to the death-roar of the crowd.

Enter the most visited monument in Spain: Barcelona's jaw-dropping Sagrada Familia and feel your soul expand in its stark and startling beauty.

Roam shaded side streets filled with unusual shops and sweet-smelling bakeries.
Ramble across magical bridges and through hidden squares.

Relish evening meals that last until the stars come out.

Let gelato set your taste buds dancing while accordion music starts your toes a tapping.

Come along with these two spirited explorers as they make surprising discoveries in both famous and little-known neighborhoods, and share their delight in seeing the world anew.

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Don't Drop the Soap

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With eight sections of engaging visuals, real-life stories, recipes, workouts, slang, and life hacks, Don’t Drop The Soap is a crazy, entertaining, hilarious and dangerous ride that teaches you all of the wild $#*! about prison, you can’t learn on Netflix!

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Theory of the Case

Saturday, August 24, 2019 Category : 0

A corrupt police detective enjoying semi-retirement in Tidewater Virginia stumbles onto an unsolved homicide that, given his nature, he'd be happy to leave unsolved. But a few people in his life have other ideas and drag him into an investigation that offers a chance for some small measure of redemption if he'll only take it. As murder squads go, this crew is no A Team - just an adolescent kid from up the block, a mouthy, conspiratorial-minded paraplegic, and an unhappy housewife our rotten cop met by chance in a Trader Joe's. What these three lack in savvy and expertise, they more than make up for in blundering determination, so Theory of the Case becomes the story of one man's trio of mongrel friends refusing to let him go on being what he's been.

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Time Travel Sux

Thursday, August 22, 2019 Category : 0

In the topsy-turvy world of time travel no pun is safe. Sentient beings throughout the universes have been encouraged to believe that their existence is governed by a system of pot luck. The residents of Surrey, planet Earth are no exception. Take the autumn of 1965... It's pot luck that Myrtle and Maud, two tea-loving cleaning ladies, work at a factory that has just installed a time machine. It's pure chance that time-travelling health and safety experts are tracking the secret agents assigned to investigate this strange factory beset by odd occurrences. And coincidence that the Earth is in peril just as the inhabitants are taking their first, faltering steps into the time vortex. Pot luck? Yeah, right...

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A Thief In Farshore

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Everyone knows that magic and monsters are only a legend.
In Farshore, those legends can eat you for lunch.

Charity is a thief from the old world. An orphan from Byzantia's tangled streets, she survived by running fast, thinking faster, and never letting anyone get too close.

One small mistake is all it takes to get her hauled before a magistrate and sentenced to ten years hard labor in Farshore, the emperor's new colony across the great sea. Being worked to death in the mines would be bad enough, but everyone has heard the stories: Farshore is a land of myth and magic. Anyone crazy enough to go there rarely makes the voyage home.

When her temper turns a bad situation even worse, Charity finds herself fighting for her life in Farshore's arena. If she hopes to survive then she might just have to do the one thing she swore she'd never do again: trust someone.

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Last Shot: A Short Tale of the Absurdity of Life and Death

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Today is the perfect day to die.

Bernard is the type of man that accomplishes all that he sets out to—and easily. He's intelligent, hardworking, and completely unfamiliar with failure. His only complaint—the singular source of the inner anger bubbling within him—is that no one else in the world recognizes that.

It's time to force them to.

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Coffee Roasting Made Easy

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Create a $50,000 income roasting just one hour per day. Hidden within the second most traded commodity in the world is a virtually untapped business opportunity. Coffee Roasting Made Easy provides valuable insights from the pioneers of this new budding industry. Coffee micro roasting is today what micro brew beer was 25 years ago. Learn how to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new opportunity!

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Cat's Quest

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 Category : 0

When a cunning merchant called Cat finds a mysterious magic sword, it quickly draws the attention of both the administration and the other players inside the virtual reality of a top-of-the-line full-immersion MMORPG. This discovery sets off a special event and starts a deadly intercontinental war, all arranged by long-gone developers.

Now, Oleg, the man behind Cat, has to collect all the unique weapons left in the game by its creators before the tragic accident claimed their lives and complete the new challenge that nobody on the new developer team has any idea about, all while being accused of cheating and hunted by the most dangerous guild in the game world, led by a dark goddess and one of the top PvP players.

Once, he was a professional player earning real money in another game. He fell from his pedestal into a debt pit: his account got blocked, his savings got burnt, his friends left him behind, and dangerous people appeared at his doorstep, wanting their money back. To get back on his feet, he decided to enter a new game and find a new source of income.

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The Rockstar Investor

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Getting ahead financially doesn't have to be hard. The Rockstar Investor will show you: How to think like the wealthy and copy their success How the 3 Pillars Of Income will help you generate passive income for life Which asset classes are the best fit for you How to create a steady income stream from the stock market And much more!

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Hankoi: Half Love

Tuesday, August 20, 2019 Category : , 0

"You might have a fantasy about being the best, but the world has a different view of best." Clark, A talented singer/songwriter, had always dreamed of making it big in the music world. The rock band he formed was his greatest achievement, and he imagined that its success and all the trappings of fame would soon follow. But the road to fame and love takes a turn for Clark when a horrific crash suddenly leaves his dreams in tatters. Devastated and almost broken by the events, he flees to Japan, the place he thinks can offer him a new start. Clark finds a strange and unfamiliar world that is far beyond his wild and chaotic life in New York. Eventually settling into a routine, he strikes up an unexpected friendship with the girl he sees every day in a railway station. Rina, her artistic flair is something that takes Clark by surprise, but it's her perception of his reluctance to perform again that sets her apart. With Rina's artistic talent and wisdom, Clark begins to rediscover his love of songwriting. But will it be enough to help him realize the dream he thought was gone forever? American-Japanese drama novel that will stir up your emotion.

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Inevitable (The Tales of Chapel Hall, Book One)

Sunday, August 18, 2019 Category : 0

A man, his castle, and the only woman he's ever wanted...

Lord Adrian Ravenspur is a dark, brooding lord in need of redemption. Lady Machelle Winston is a coddled young lady in need of passion. He walked away from her once, to save her from himself. When shadows of the past threaten them all, he vowed never to walk away from her again. After all, when your soul finds the one it needs, true love is inevitable.

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A Love Like Ours

Saturday, August 17, 2019 Category : 0

A Forbidden Love…
A Deadly Secret…
A Rivalry that has been going on for centuries…

None of these things matter to Aurora Minos, for her heart was stolen by the drifter Bastian a long time ago. Yet the closer she gets to Bastian, the more her loyalty and love for him is tested. But Aurora’s father has other plans for his daughter; she is to marry Marcus, a powerful and rich man who has just as many secrets as Bastian.

When Aurora discovers Bastian’s true identity, she is befuddled by the deceit. Now she must choose a life on the run with Bastian, or the gilded cage Marcus offers. But how can anyone go back to their ordinary human world, when they have been loved by a wolf?

If you are searching for your next steamy romance, then dive into “A Love like Ours”. It’s a love like this that turns into legends.

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Shock and Awe

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Whose God can save America from nuclear annihilation? When the most dangerous jihadist group yet, Al DERSH, has apparently planted atomic bombs in New York, D.C., and L.A., a league of heavily armed fundamentalists, the Holy Jesus Christ Militia, claim that they are the only ones that can prevent the imminent destruction of the U.S.A. As the nation’s elected officials are too busy with kinky sex and hard drugs, General Aaron Khan, the newly appointed head of the Defense Intelligence Agency who is of Palestinian Catholic extraction, has to figure out what is really going on while there is still an America left to save. Shock and Awe is a scathing satire in which all are accused and in which is foretold the punishment that might soon be coming.

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Kindle Bestseller Publishing (2019): Publish a #1 Bestseller in the next 30 Days! - The Proven 4-Week Formula to go from Zero to Bestseller as a first-time Author!

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Learn how hundreds of first time authors reached #1 Bestseller status, some even beating out famous authors like Tim Ferriss, Hal Elrod and John Grisham.

A Step-by-Step blueprint from Top 100 Award Winning Business Author Gundi Gabrielle. Reach #1 - even if you have no following yet and no prior marketing experience. Grab it now while it's free!

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The Guilty Present

Friday, August 16, 2019 Category : 0

There is an ancient Chinese superstition that talismans in the shape of tigers protect children from harm. It's the end of a humid summer in Hong Kong and Nina Tassen is devastated when her partner, Tom, makes a trip to England but does not return to the apartment they share on The Peak. When she receives a phone call from someone claiming to be an old friend of Tom's, she clings to the possibility that he will lead her to him. But the man also wants to track him down, to find out what he knows about the death of a young girl thirty years earlier. Has Tom's past caught up with him? If so, it seems that there are others who are haunted by events of long ago. And when the real reason for his disappearance emerges, Nina is forced into conflict with a murderous mind; and mortal danger.

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Bedside Days: A collection of sixty poems

Thursday, August 15, 2019 Category : 0

A collection which begins with a description of a man's slow (indeed, apparently endless) decline may suggest that Bedside Days offers a bleak outlook on life. However, by the end of the sixty poems in this book, readers should have sampled all aspects of the human condition: its sadness and foibles, certainly, but also its capacity for creating beauty and doing good. Overall, the writer has sought to give the collection a positive, even optimistic, tone. War and dystopian futures are present, but humour is never too far away. Whether they refer to actors struggling to play corpses, a soldier confronted by a painting of a battle he had taken part in, the noise of a distant train through a window, a man who once aced a pre-war tennis champion or to the exultant, incomparable pleasures of love, the poems are first and foremost intended to be enjoyed.

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The Burden of Sweetberry

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For twenty years, beautiful and vain Candida Armstrong has been in an adulterous relationship with the very married, Deacon Josiah Hess. Out of respect for the deacon, the community has turned a blind eye. Then a new man comes to town and Sweetberry is smitten. The affair progresses and Luther proposes marriage. Tragically, the unthinkable happens! Deacon Hess beats him to death on the church ground! Sweetberry is thrown into the abyss, and her journey to redemption is hindered by the ghost of Luther and the threat of insanity.

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Pawns of the Wall: A Love Story

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I never meant to be complicit in the death of my only real friend in Patagonia. I certainly didn't want the possible father of my child to suffer untold agonies by torturous nerve toxin poisoning. After all, I'm a physician, a healer." So begins Derrik Woodbury's new novel, Pawns of the Wall which tells the story of a love triangle fractured by a mysterious murder. The pastoral border town of Patagonia, Arizona is already in turmoil from the new U.S. Government immigration policies. This murder connects many threads in a tapestry of intrigue and betrayal. Could the highest office of the U.S. Government sanction a pseudo-terrorist attack at the border to strengthen its base and secure continual political power? Would Russia aid the U.S. in a cover-up?  Dr. Robert Harper has left New England for a sabbatical as chief physician at the Indian Clinic in Patagonia. Harper soon falls in love with the clinic's beautiful nurse, Mary Durant, and befriends Dylan Kermer, an enigmatic government security consultant who is young, passionate and dangerous. Durant falls under Kermer's spell and is torn between very different lovers. Violence is in the air. The people are rocked and divided by the decisions in Washington, D.C. This world is suffused with history, tradition, violence, drugs, guns, ignorance, fear, beauty and love.

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The Devil’s Noose: A Pandemic Medical Thriller

Wednesday, August 14, 2019 Category : , 0

The thing that wiped out the dinosaurs is about to make its comeback.
It's a trillion times smaller than a killer asteroid.
And it's fallen into the hands of a madman.

When a call for help from the World Health Organization arrives at Leigh Austen’s lab, she's got to leap into action. Something's wiping entire villages clean of humans and wildlife in a war-torn former Soviet Republic. Leigh's skills are desperately needed to identify and stop the pathogen's spread before it explodes into a global pandemic.

Austen's team of scientists and armed security set off into the epicenter of the hot zone: over a mile straight down the throat of the Karakul, the deepest open-pit mine in Asia. From there, they'll contend with an organism so deadly it annihilated the dinosaurs sixty-five million years ago. What Leigh and her people discover will shake them to their very core.

If they survive.

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Centaur of the Crime: Book One of 'Fantasy and Forensics'

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C.S. Lewis meets CSI when Dayna Chrissie, Crime Scene Analyst with the LAPD, is magically summoned to the land of Andeluvia!

Dayna discovers that she's been summoned to solve the murder of the realm's king before war breaks out between Andeluvia and the Centaur Realm. But no one wants peace when war offers chances for riches and glory. So Dayna ends up with a team of cast-offs: a centaur wizard with father issues, a brash griffin warrior, and the world's unluckiest magical deer.

When the trail of evidence brings Dayna and her new friends back from Andeluvia to Los Angeles, she must use all of her forensic knowledge in order to solve the case.

The price of failure? A war that will kill millions and devastate Andeluvia.

Hope she works best under pressure.

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Jesus is the Sun

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I interacted with Jesus as the consciousness of the Sun. I wrote this book to share my interactions with Christ and God and my experiences with heaven and hell.

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Raw Sexuality, or a Year of Indiscretion

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Based on a true story Your life can be both a comedy and a tragedy. Especially your sex life. And especially if you spent your entire youth in a borderline celibate mode and are now jeopardizing your long-term relationship to catch up on what you missed. There will be hilarity and embarrassment, there will be jealousy and lots of experimentation going on. You may want to see what the world of online adult entertainment has got to offer. Or you could go and pay for sex in real life. Or you just start a real affair. And if you're a bit snobbish, neurotic, insecure, geeky and jealous of your girlfriend's toxically masculine and psychotic best friend, you've got yourself one huge debacle. "Raw Sexuality, or A Year of Indiscretion" is a comedic and subversive novel about sexual self-discovery and polyamory, about questioning society's values and ideas when it comes to intimate relationships, about letting out one's own demons and making compromises, about misanthropy and cultural identity. And of course the Internet.

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ADWON: A Day Without Nurses

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Lola Jepson is a fearless woman with a hidden past recruited by a clandestine employer to become "the face of ADWON: A Day Without Nurses." Lola assumes the identity of a prominent online persona that bears a striking resemblance to her face. She shines during some impressive interviews, captivates the media, and the controversial movement to fix healthcare takes off. Robbi Hartford is a dedicated ER RN who defies management's priorities by putting her patients above corporate profits. As ADWON gains momentum, Robbi is forced into the escalating conflict. With billions of dollars and millions of lives at stake, a senator is shot, and Lola's mysterious employer vanishes. Were they set up? Dogged by uncertainty, with hired guns closing in and a nationwide nurses' strike just hours away, Lola and Robbi must decide whether to run or risk their own lives to plunge ahead.

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As Sick as Our Secrets

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 Category : , 0

Millions of KENP read and tens of thousands of copies sold. Amazon top 100 Psychological Thriller in 2018.
"This is one of those books everyone talks about." --Steven De Bruin, NetGalley   


Olivia Campbell has the life most women want. A respected husband, beautiful home, and the freedom that only financial security can provide.
But not all is as it appears...

Olivia has secrets, and after discovering a hidden journal in her husband's study, she realizes that she's not the only one.

As her picture perfect world starts to fall apart around her, Olivia wonders just how deep the secrets run as she finds herself immersed in the investigation of a young missing girl.
Some coincidences are just too hard to ignore, but how far is she willing to go to discover the truth?

As Sick as Our Secrets is a dark, fast-paced thriller with strong characters. If you are a fan of Gillian Flynn, Paula Hawkins, Liane Moriarty, and Caroline Kepnes, and enjoy TV shows and movies like Twin Peaks, The Killing, Law & Order: SVU, and 8MM, then this book might be your next favorite read.

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Earth to Emily

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A shocking murder. A high-speed robbery. Can one ex-cowgirl stand up to a criminal convoy?

Emily Bernal may have traded the fast-paced rodeo world for paralegal work but the change hasn’t made her life any simpler. Between romancing her sexy attorney boss Jack and fighting for custody of her foster child, she wonders if riding a bucking bronco would be easier. But when two runaway teens beg for her help after witnessing a truck-stop murder, the former rodeo queen springs into action.

As she follows the clues along the Texas interstate, she can’t help but notice her boyfriend is hiding something from her. When the investigation turns deadly, Emily’s only chance to keep the runaways alive is to stand toe-to-toe with a criminal conspiracy that could make her the next victim.

Readers who like gutsy Texans, rollicking twists and turns, and a dash of humor, will love USA Today best seller Pamela Fagan Hutchins’ wild thrill ride.

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Unbreakable Mind: Understand Your Brain To Improve Your Health, Work And Your Life (OUT-THINK ANYONE)

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Do you find yourself making bad decisions in life? Are these decisions draining all your energy down? Are you unfulfilled and don't know how to push yourself to make your life better? Or maybe you want to be at the peak of physical and mental health, but you can't seem to get into the right habits? Now. Finally tap into the raw power of your mind to create abundance, love, joy. And anything else your heart desires - Starting Today! "Unbreakable Mind" will help you to understand your thoughts, organize them and attach the appropriate action to them. Mental clarity equals peace and control of your mind. The goal of this book is simple: You'll actually have something real that works if you just follow the instructions along with an understanding of the mind in a way that just makes everything so simple to comprehend and APPLY! What are some of the benefits can you expect when you follow this program How to overcome your mental blocks and improve your life The advantages of thinking like a professional and not an amateur How to bring out your best creative thinking Improve your intuition skills quickly and permanently As well as: How can you stop overthinking How to let go of others' expectations (and your own) Essential nutrition for enhanced mind power How to rephrase your negative thoughts Don't hesitate to pick up your FREE copy today for a limited time only

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Difference Maker: Overcoming Adversity and Turning Pain into Purpose, Every Day

Sunday, August 11, 2019 Category : , , 0

You've been lied to. It's time to embrace the truth.

You've been hit and wounded. Life hasn't turned out to be what you expected, wanted, or hoped for. No one seems to care.

Something is wrong. You can sense it. Your heart says, "There's got to be more."

Yes, there is.

For more than 30 years, multiple award-winning author and speaker Gary Roe has been helping others heal from past wounds, discover who they are, and live with passion and purpose. With more than a dozen books and 700 articles in print, he has become a trusted, inspirational voice to thousands of wounded hearts.

In Difference Maker, you'll discover...
* The power lies have had over you and your heart.
* How to expose the lies you've been fed, one by one.
* The truth about yourself and those around you.
* How to embrace the truth and live differently.

As you choose to think differently, you'll also learn...
* How to conquer obstacles like fear, anxiety, anger, depression, and self-harming behavior.
* Why you're here and what your mission is.
* How to avoid thoughts and habits that threaten your wellbeing and your mission.
* How to embrace healthy thoughts, behavior, and habits that will propel you forward.
* How to live with more purpose and passion than you dreamed possible.

No matter what has happened to you or around you, you can heal and grow. The world needs you. Accept the challenge. Let the Difference Maker adventure begin.

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The Sheep of Poshington Hall Farm

Friday, August 9, 2019 Category : 0

Hekla and Freya live at Poshington Hall Farm in the Lake District.

They look like many sheep with silly smiles, beautiful woollen fleeces and horns, but they are not.

They are in fact Icelandic sheep that possess secret troll-given magical powers in their fleeces, and go on wonderful adventures.

In this book, the sheep get up to all sorts of mischief on their visit to Poshington Hall.

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This series follows the arc of change in a backwater Southern county from the bigotry of the past to a more hopeful future through the lens of the judicial system. In this book, brilliant young attorney J.T. Lockman faces the challenge of a lifetime when he’s appointed to enforce a teenager’s fundamental privacy rights while also representing a man charged with murdering his gay lover. He must face his own prejudices about issues that divide public opinion as his cases progress through the judicial system  in the trial and appellate courts. Ultimately, he must come to terms with choices that matter and choices that don’t exist at all.

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Demonic Indemnity

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As the first human in 3,200 years to work in the Special Investigations Unit of Crimson Seal Insurance, Tim Lovecraft knows his days of processing run-of-the-mill claims for werewolf maulings and poltergeist home invasions are over. SIU is where they investigate the toughest and scariest claims, like supernatural identity theft (aka demonic possession), exsanguinations (total and partial), zombification, and death or injury by cursed artefacts of all kinds. Despite the new job, Tim's life is not easy. His new boss is a literal demon with no regard for the company's scent-free workplace policy. His brother is a lazy, unemployed vampire who won't move his coffin out of Tim's apartment. His coworkers are a motley collection of werewolves and ghouls. And his mother won't stop trying to set him up with psychics from her chain of spiritualist day spas. Tim badly wants to make a good impression by solving his first case. When he gets caught between a powerful cult trying to resurrect an ancient entity and a demon mob boss who wants him dead, Tim knows he is seriously increasing his odds of statistically expected mortality. Demonic Indemnity is another hilariously horrific tale from Craig McLay, author of award-winning international bestsellers Village Books, The Donnelly Tontine and other books you should read immediately.

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It Gets Easier: A Short Tale of Comical Catastrophe

Thursday, August 8, 2019 Category : , 0

Jake's loved and lost, suffered failed relationships and felt real sorrow, but the new girl in his life may just be the one to finally put an end to that life. She's the best, Jake would do anything for Samantha, anything at all. They're returning from her family reunion. Thump thump. What's in the trunk?

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Sam and the Haunted Taj Mahal

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Sam is a seven-year-old boy who travels to India to visit the amazing Taj Mahal with his parents. When he noticed that there were two shrines in the Taj Mahal, Sam became scared because he realized that there were two dead bodies lying there. Sam reached the shrines of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal and his world suddenly changed - the Mughals began haunting him! He found out that Mumtaz Mahal had been waiting to meet him for hundreds of years because Shah Jahan was missing. Sam realized that it was his duty to start searching for the missing Shah Jahan. The adventures come one after the other as Sam does everything he can to try to rescue Shah Jahan and return him to his beloved wife. Will he succeed?

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Any Kid USA

Wednesday, August 7, 2019 Category : 0

This book is about the life of 12-year-old Sean Campden.  He makes fun of kids, he calls them names, he plays pranks on them, he even gives his brother and sister a hard time but his sister has his number.

You won't believe how she gets back at him.  This book is humorous, crazy entertaining and even teaches kids that parents know best.

"Any Kid USA" by A. Swift only $1.99 on Kindle from August 7 - 11, 2019

The Cinderella Fix, Delving Deeper

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Are fairy tales real? And can we really experience a ‘happily ever after’?

Science has proven that one of the ways human beings learn best is through story. Stories present concepts that are profound, yet simple, making it easy for our brains to understand what is being taught. Fairy tales in particular, are most suited for grasping deeper truths through their use of symbolism.

Yet when we think about or speak of fairy tales, the general understanding is that they’re not real….

So with these ideas in mind, what value can the Cinderella story add to your life? And what about God? How can he turn your reality into a fairy tale? Are fairy tales real, and can we really experience a ‘happily ever after’? Read this book to find out!

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Piercing the Veil: A Skeptical Journalist Discovers Unseen Worlds

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Have you ever examined your life and wondered, “Is this all there is?” Kingsley Guy, now a novelist after a distinguished career in journalism, spent decades traveling the world in search of an answer to that question. What he found were Unseen Worlds and spiritual states of consciousness that changed his life forever. In this deeply personal and engrossing memoir, the former skeptic tells of the mystifying events and transcendent experiences that brought deep and profound meaning to his life – after he had all but given up hope. Join him on a quest that might also change your life forever.

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Killing Angels

Monday, August 5, 2019 Category : 0

The angels are coming, but their arrival means death for the human race. Two years is all that we have left. Two years until they come to kill every man, woman, and child on the face of the earth.

Society falls apart. People can’t cope with knowing what day the world is going to end. Some try to go on as normal, but the angels are not content to let them rest. The two year period is a trial that must be endured. The angels whisper into the ears of all who will listen. Kill your neighbours. Kill your friends. Kill your children. God will forgive you.

‘The Voodoo King’ Remy Laveau seeks to fight the angels and halt the end of days. He drives the people who listen to them out of New Orleans and sets up the community of New Sodom. New Sodom is home to all the people who believe that the world doesn’t have to end and that if it does have to end, it won’t end without a fight. But with society falling apart around them, it is more than just the angels they will have to fight. The humans that worship them are often more dangerous.

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The Keeper

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The Keeper . . . a story of healing from fractured family relationships and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Chief of staff in a renowned medical facility, Dr. Christopher Seacrest is one of the world’s shining stars. Immersed in his own importance, he lives immune to the fact that he has somehow disavowed life itself. But a brief patient-doctor meeting in an exam room between arrogant Chris and unpretentious Caitlin Rosenberry results in the physician’s perfect façade developing a hairline crack.

Initially, the powerhouse surgeon finds little of interest to him in the young, post-stroke patient, but fate brings the unlikely pair together again and again and sets into motion a series of cataclysmic events from which there is no turning back. While Dr. Seacrest finds himself falling in love with Caitlin, she vows never to see him again, and he can no longer deny life’s invitation to his own healing.

The Keeper is a thought-provoking drama that explores the mysterious power of friendship and love. The atypical romance within this PG-rated novel weaves its way through a psychological story of human relationships and social satire.

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ROADS TO MEANING AND RESILIENCE WITH CANCER: Forty Stories of Coping, Finding Meaning, and Building Resilience While Living with Incurable Lung Cancer

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The book tells the stories of 39 patients with incurable lung cancer. It aims to help patients, families, and healthcare providers understand the experience of living with cancer. It also invites reflections on the essential questions of meaning, resilience, and coping with adversity in life. The author is a family doctor, teacher, and researcher who is also a stage 4 lung cancer patient himself. He is patient #40.

Facing one's mortality, patients with cancer develop an urgency to find meaning in life. They struggle with the illness, its emotional impact, and the consequences of treatments. However, with time, reflection, and support from others, they develop resilience. Cancer patients often are not passive. Instead, they choose different strategies to maintain and restore their health. They also leverage a variety of approaches to cope better with their struggle.

The book is for cancer patients who are tarrying at the limits of time. It is also for those who live around patients with cancer: caregivers, families and friends, and health care providers. People who struggle with other illnesses will also find aspects of their story reflected here. Also, the ones who have experienced a crisis of identity will discover elements of their story here as well. By sharing the experiences of the forty authentic individuals, the book opens the space for them to teach others. This book is about the essence of the human experience at its limits. It is for every reader.

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Kiran: The Warrior's Daughter

Sunday, August 4, 2019 Category : 0

Meet Kiran, a reckless and wild cadet of the most prestigious space academy, planning to become a famous and skillful captain. But when Kiran finds out she's a princess and has to be sent to her native planet to marry the strongest warrior, she draws a line: no way she will ever accept this! She is a cadet, and cadets never surrender!

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Killer Domes and the Chosen One

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As the old world burned, the elite departed to colonise space in search of a new home. Most of the human species perished on earth's surface, but a protected few remained. Many generations passed without question, but now suspicions are starting to rise. Follow the story of Maz and her best friend Hap, as a chance encounter with a stranger lures them into a mission to decide the future of humankind.

Gibbo Gibbs is an author from the UK who now travels, writes stories and volunteers with dog charities. He plans to expand into games in the future.

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Fighting Irish

Saturday, August 3, 2019 Category : 0

From a New York Times bestselling author! Camp employee, Rory Haven, and heiress, Brittany Manion, knew one another as children, but it's been a long time since their childhood summers at Summerhaven. When they meet again as adults, will a teen crush blossom into something more?

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Red Flame Fires Back

Friday, August 2, 2019 Category : 0

After saving a newspaper editor and his wife from three dangerous ranch hands who are in the act of raping her, Red Flame a young Indian war chief instantly becomes famous when the editor publishes his story, including how his murdered Scottish Doctor father and his Apalachee mother met. After returning to his mother's village and finding most of the tribe massacred, he immediately goes in pursuit of the Cavalry troop responsible and kills most of them making him a hero with the Indian nations but a wanted man by the government and all bounty hunters. When an Indian scalp is worth twenty dollars, his has become one thousand. When he is asked by two sisters to help find their missing sister, it takes them into the blood thirsty world of America in the latter eighteen hundreds, where killings, rapes and scalping's are the norm. Where everyone carries a gun and most want to use it.

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The Adulterer's Handbook: A Novel

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I'm about to jump into the canal and pull her to safety when I stop at the edge of the towpath.
What if I do nothing...?

The must-read psychological thriller for 2019.

If you're having an affair and you don't want to get caught, you must read this book.

The Adulterer's Handbook is the story of a happily married man, desperately trying to prevent his wife from finding out about his affair. For months he is successful, but then things take a dark turn...
A love story, a betrayal, an accident, a murder? You decide.

Lee Bolton has it all: a wonderful wife who he adores and two lovely children. But something is missing from his marriage.

Sophia Miller, the office temptress, offers to fill the gap and they begin a carefully regulated and orchestrated affair.

Lee, delighted with his new and improved love life, walks a tightrope of near discovery; forever trying to keep his secret safe.

But Sophia wants more. She wants it all.

Sophia starts to break the rules, and she puts Lee's marriage in jeopardy.

How far will he go to protect his family?

Would you commit murder to save your relationship?

Gripping domestic noir with a shocking twist.

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