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A Love Like Ours

Posted on Saturday, August 17, 2019 | No Comments

A Forbidden Love…
A Deadly Secret…
A Rivalry that has been going on for centuries…

None of these things matter to Aurora Minos, for her heart was stolen by the drifter Bastian a long time ago. Yet the closer she gets to Bastian, the more her loyalty and love for him is tested. But Aurora’s father has other plans for his daughter; she is to marry Marcus, a powerful and rich man who has just as many secrets as Bastian.

When Aurora discovers Bastian’s true identity, she is befuddled by the deceit. Now she must choose a life on the run with Bastian, or the gilded cage Marcus offers. But how can anyone go back to their ordinary human world, when they have been loved by a wolf?

If you are searching for your next steamy romance, then dive into “A Love like Ours”. It’s a love like this that turns into legends.

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