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Finding Ourselves in Venice, Florence, Rome & Barcelona

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In this feel-good travel memoir two veteran travelers explore the wonders of grand European cities discovering colorful characters, amazing architecture, fascinating art, and mouthwatering cuisine. 

Join Al and Sunny Lockwood as they ride the choppy green waters of Venice's Grand Canal. Stroll with them through romantic Florence letting its Renaissance art refresh your heart.

In Rome, visit St. Mark's Basilica, glittering with gold and candlelight.  And the   Sistine Chapel, still vibrant with Michelangelo's unique paintings. In the
Colosseum imagine gladiators battling to the death-roar of the crowd.

Enter the most visited monument in Spain: Barcelona's jaw-dropping Sagrada Familia and feel your soul expand in its stark and startling beauty.

Roam shaded side streets filled with unusual shops and sweet-smelling bakeries.
Ramble across magical bridges and through hidden squares.

Relish evening meals that last until the stars come out.

Let gelato set your taste buds dancing while accordion music starts your toes a tapping.

Come along with these two spirited explorers as they make surprising discoveries in both famous and little-known neighborhoods, and share their delight in seeing the world anew.

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