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Search For The Butterfly

Posted on Thursday, August 29, 2019 | No Comments

Jennifer was supposed to be a Princess. Her father, having three sons already, rejoiced at the prospect of his only daughter becoming a spoilt daddy's girl. She would surely be raised to know love, to know how precious she is, and to always feel protected. But her mother's family had been crippled with tragedies, and who could have foretold the tragedies yet to come? How could she have been saved from her mother's heartache? How could anyone have prevented the imminent violations This is the true story of a little girl born into grief-stricken circumstances, who was 'spoilt' by tortuous abuse, and left with nothing but dread for her future. How did she find the courage to not only fight for survival as a child, but later for the sake of her own children, take control of the viciously belligerent voices inside herself, overcome her demons and break the cycle of despair?

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