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The Rage

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Hidden in the darkness, they stalk the unwary. They have a hunger, a burning desire to taste of the flesh of others and their bite carries an infection, a virus that will send those who are bitten, crazy.

Those infected lose everything that makes them human, leaving them with just an urge for violence, for lust, for hunger and an unquenchable rage!

In the city of Leeds, Sarah, a young nurse, sees first-hand, the effects of this infection as it sweeps through the city, filling the emergency room with injured people. Unable to do more than bandage their wounds and send them home, she doesn’t realise how bad things are about to become.

Not far away, Jack, finds himself thrust into the role of leader as his tower block is quarantined by the military when martial law descends on the city. With little food and a community in terror, he has to hold things together and find a way to survive as the city dies around him.

"The Rage" by Richard Murray only $2.99 on Kindle from August 29 - 30, 2019

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