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101 Writing Prompts

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Kiss writer’s block goodbye!

You know that paralyzing feeling when you’re staring at the blinking cursor unsure what to write next, or even worse when a blank page is staring back at you and you have no idea how to start your writing project? Oh, yeah. That’s the worst. It’s not that you have a lack of ideas. No, it goes much deeper than that (Ch. 1 talks about the origins of this “paralysis”).

101 Writing Prompts helps you break through that plateau to finish your novel, novella or short story. Don’t be among the 97% of people who never finish their novel. Yeah—that’s a real statistic! Jam-packed with 101 ways to get your creative juices going, 101 Writing Prompts is ideal for hitting your NaNoWriMo word count. Use the first lines and plot nudges to jump-start a stalled project, to start a brand new story or to just keep your writing muscles flexed in between projects.

Writing prompts are divided into categories such as First Lines, Scavenger Hunt, Memories and more. Plus, chapters focus on setting up a daily writing habit and finishing your first draft. Be one of the 3% with a finished first draft—not the 97% who never finish their novels! Whether you're a seasoned author or a never-been-published writer, you'll find tons of ideas in 101 Writing Prompts to break through your writer's block, establish a daily writing habit and much more.

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