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Awaken Your Joy: A Practical Guide To Embrace Fulfillment

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Heal the past, increase self-acceptance, and awaken your joy in the present through heartfelt inspirational stories, practical self-help tools, and activities to open your perspective in a new way.  Discover the trust in self and trust in Source that frees you to co-create a fulfilling experience through value-based living.

Relatable real-life stories of breaking through emotional trauma, grief, and depression with a willingness for positive change
Journal questions & activities to shift your mindset
Creative play pages to keep it enjoyable
Meditations to ease your mind and build your spiritual connection
A deeper understanding and acceptance of who you are and how to express it
Practical actions you can take to build your trust and maintain your peace in the chaos

Inner exploration, spiritual discovery, and meditative release allow you to make peace with and align with who you are.  True joy is a lasting sense of fulfillment established through trust in what is.  It is accepting that you know enough, you have enough, and you are enough to be okay through anything life may throw at you.
This book has been designed to help you release the past, embrace who you are, and allow your spiritual expression, fostering sustainable joy from the inside, out.

"Kimber has taken an incredible lifetime of journeys and is teaching us how to truly integrate these bits of wisdom into a rich tapestry of possibilities and in the end, know we are good enough."  -- Linda Bennet PhD, CCHt

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