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Bladefoot Evolved: Tales from the Late Cretaceous

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It's sixty-five million years ago. In the wild treacherous landscape of ancient North America, dinosaurs and many other species struggle daily to survive. Each of these creatures have their own stories, and this collection of tales takes place before and during the events of Bladefoot. Preston the baby troodon, who learns fast to reach adulthood and follows in Bladefoot's footsteps. Axel the young dakotaraptor, who strives to earn his place in the pack. Flo the elasmosaurus, who must navigate an ocean filled with deadly predators. Tyler the mosasaurus, the blood-thirsty killer of the Pierre Seaway. Sky Rider the Quetzalcoatlus, the winged giant that masters the air. Rumble the triceratops, and his great ambitions to rule his own herd. Cutter the wounded troodon, who tries to find peace at a waterhole, but will receive anything but... All these stories have climatic endings, although some individuals will be more fortunate than others.

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