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Boundless Love: Healing Your Marriage Before It Begins

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Do you want a marriage that lasts well beyond the national average of seven years and exceeds your expectations of love and intimacy?
Do you aspire to have a relationship that brings you closer to God, builds you up, and encourages you to be a better person?

In Boundless Love: Healing Your Marriage Before It Begins, down to earth book authors and married couple Javier and Christina Llerena share their expertise from facilitating over 1,000 individuals preparing for marriage.

In an intimate account of their relationship--one that has been transformed through faith--they reveal life-changing lessons they have learned as they almost ended their marriage after their second child.

Whether you are single, dating, engaged, or married, Boundless Love provides you with a spiritually-based path with clear cut steps on:
How to create healthy boundaries with yourself, your partner, friends, and family members
How to stop your childhood from sabotaging your relationship and find opportunities for growth

If you want to build your marriage upon faith and like helpful examples, detailed action steps, with a touch of humor, you will love Christina and Javier's powerful path to putting faith at the center of your marriage.

Boundless Love kickstarts your faith and reveals that what God has in store for your marriage is far better than anything you can create or imagine on our own.

Read this book and unlock the healing power of faith in your relationship today!

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