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Missed: Rafael and Lisa

Posted on Tuesday, September 10, 2019 | No Comments

Return to Cliffside Bay, where USA Today bestseller Tess Thompson spins another emotional, intriguing tale about overcoming adversity and finding strength in love in this standalone story about Lisa and Rafael.

After struggling as a starving actor, Lisa Perry's dreams are coming true. Splitting her time between LA and Cliffside Bay, she has a successful miniseries, a movie role, and quality time with friends Maggie and Pepper. Life is great until a single tragic moment changes Lisa forever.

Haunted by unshakable memories and near-crippling anxiety, Lisa faces a movie tour full of crowds and interviews. With the help of Rafael Soto, head of security for Brody Mullen, she finally begins to relax. Though they’re as different as night and day, something about her bodyguard soothes Lisa, and their relationship becomes passionate.

What neither anticipates is that despite the threats to Lisa, it's her protector who is in harm's way. Will Lisa and Rafael be able to face the danger together, or are they destined to accept yet another tragedy they can't stop?

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