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Scorpio's Children

Posted on Thursday, September 19, 2019 | No Comments

Taking its inspiration from the classic hard-boiled crime tradition, Scorpio's Children is the first novel in the Mark Desmond series. It's 1980. Investigator Mark Desmond is hired to snatch the daughter of Jefferson City's wealthiest citizen away from the control of a sinister cult calling itself Scorpio's Children. Duplicity and death stalk Desmond's enquiries while every step he takes pushes him toward a collision between a past he's done his best to erase and a present that's empty of dreams. It's 1980. Rag-tag revolutionaries are kicking sand into the Super-Powers' faces. It's the dawn of the Personal Computer Age. Populist agendas are re-shaping societies. And cults of every kind are on the rise. It's 1980. Everything's different. Nothing has changed.

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