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The Donnelly Tontine

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Criminology-student-turned-criminal Nick Donnelly’s plan to quit staging car accidents to rip off insurance companies gets a major boost when he’s named as one of the inheritors of the Donnelly estate – a crumbling old castle on a private island off the stormy Irish coast.

On the plus side, the estate is rumored to include the legendary Emerald Viper, a priceless necklace once owned by Cleopatra.

The catch? The necklace is cursed. The castle is haunted. The will has an expiry date…and so do the other inheritors, who start dropping dead under strange and grisly circumstances. Also, he’s not really Nick Donnelly (identity theft is one of his specialties).

If it takes a crook to catch one, then Nick is going to have to use all his extra-legal skills to survive the weekend and get his hands on the fortune. Cut off from civilization with suspects that include a flaky lifestyle guru, a boozy televangelist, a one-eyed police officer, a flirty law student and a disgraced scientist with an abnormal fixation on his poisonous tropical spider, Nick doesn’t have anyone he can trust except his erstwhile partner-in-crime, Fogel, who should not be trusted even when not in the presence of priceless jewelry.

The Donnelly Tontine is a hilarious and action-packed mystery from Craig McLay, the award-winning and internationally best-selling author of Village Books, Deadline and other books you should read immediately.

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