> > The Wages Of Sin: BOOK ONE: The Devil's Advocates

The Wages Of Sin: BOOK ONE: The Devil's Advocates

Posted on Friday, September 20, 2019 | No Comments

As a lone carriage makes its uncertain way across the breadth of Hell, the creatures of darkness begin to stir to answer their master's call. An enemy that will define the future of all the worlds has been unleashed on Earth which could threaten their very existence unless they unite. They answer the call with evil intent in their hearts to vanquish that which threatens their world, but will they be able to put aside disharmony, war and hatred that thrives between them to fight for their lives or will the challenge of finally meeting their creator be too much to overcome selfish greed. In a world that exists on bargain and wagers it is life on Earth which meets the highest price unless someone can steal it first. The first in a five part story which invites you to finally meet your creator.

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