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Tractorman: Adventure at a Snail's Pace

Posted on Thursday, September 12, 2019 | No Comments

TractorMan is a true account of one man's journey from Southern Spain to West Yorkshire on a 1963 Spanish tractor - a distance covered of 1700 miles. As if that wasn't amazing enough, he did it pulling a caravan with just his dog, Luna, for company. Along the way Michael met strangers who opened their hearts. " Strangers prepared to give simply out of kindness reinforces all sense of humanity." Real warmth leapt from the pages. People on the continent saw Michael and his tractor as a novelty, in contrast with, in England where it was accepted as the norm! 'I was literally laughing out loud at times. With detailed descriptions I journeyed through the novel, taking in all the sights and sounds on offer. TractorMan was written more like reading a letter from a friend than working through a book. A highly enjoyable read.' Julia Wilson - book reviewer.

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