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2 Dark Mirrors

Posted on Wednesday, October 16, 2019 | No Comments

Written by a dominant and inspired by his experiences, 2 Dark Mirrors is a fresh take on the Master/submissive genre and follows the explicit and philosophical journey of a woman who becomes empowered through her submission to a man whose eyes she never sees. The moment Lina sees THAT profile she's hooked. It's so unlike the others. It seems wrong, it's too much to ask and yet it teases her – crawling into her bed at night and taking her over with its dark and carnal thoughts. To give yourself to a man? Entirely? Giving into curiosity and her desire, Lina is pulled into a world of erotic sessions - of collars and submission, of control and mind-blowing sex. Unaware of how much she has changed, she finds herself in a paradise where she’ll need all of her new-found strength to survive.

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