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Stronger than Blood

Posted on Friday, October 18, 2019 | No Comments

Almost forty year after the election of the first female President, America finally is the bastion of equality and social values it always had the potential to be. Racism, sexism, homophobia have all been eliminated from society and people no longer challenge the authority of the government as they have no longer have any reason to. Or the ability.

Albert Woods works for a government department ensuring that all traces of information that would today be considered offensive is permanently removed from the historic records. Excellent at his job and content with his life, a chance encounter with his ex-wife sends him down a dangerous path to find out what the government and the Party that runs it, is really up to. From that moment on there is no turning back as Albert loses everything in his search for the truth covered behind an incredible machinery of lies.

As Albert frantically searches the country for proof of the government's extreme censorship he has to rely on his wits, the people he meets, and a little luck just to stay alive. Everyone carries a device capable of recording all conversations on them at all times and the Party is listening, trying to find Albert before it's too late. Will he find out the dark secrets of the deep state, or will he die trying?

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