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The Dark Strain

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Trina Dance, who had escaped an abusive relationship following the death of her husband, finds solace in a small town in Florida called Paris Reef.  She meets two women and they become close friends.  All is going well for her except for the strange dreams she begins to have about an old chemical plant and a cryptic message a man in her dream says to her.

In another state, a homeless man who lives in a forest is beginning to remember who he is.  For a long time, the man hadn’t known who he was or how he had gotten to where he was.  Now he is drawn to a state he hadn’t been to since he was a young boy.

In yet another state Gina Louise strives to control her anxiety over her two girls spending a week with her ex-husband.  She sits on the floor breathing slowly, thinking good things, as the house shakes as if in a small earthquake.  She knows if she doesn’t get it under control, she could possibly destroy the entire house.

Wesley is confined to a mental institute.  He knows that for now, this is where he needs to be.  But a great responsibility has fallen on him.  He must keep his thoughts together for a while longer or else it could mean the death of him and many others.

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