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The Invitation, A Journey into Mankind's Future

Posted on Friday, October 25, 2019 | No Comments

When the President of the United States stands before thousands in Miami, Florida welcoming the world to the start of the Summer Olympics, the global event is watched by uncounted millions. No one could've foreseen the astonishingly dramatic events that will play out before spectators and be televised throughout the world. Instead of the expected games, the high speed approach of an object that eclipses the moon and soon lands within a hundred feet from where the president is standing leaves those on the ground and television viewers around the world collectively spellbound. Hundreds of millions watch as a creature who calls himself a "Linesian" appears and after projecting an enormous image across the night sky visible to the entire western hemisphere, he takes all of humanity on a guided visual tour of the next ten thousand years and beyond.

As this is happening the president is strangely detached from what's happening around him as if he had prior knowledge of it all. The intrigue, conspiracy and murder that follows happens within the span of thirty two hours, the most eventful thirty two hours in recorded human history.

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