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The Land of Belching Bog

Posted on Thursday, October 31, 2019 | No Comments

A little story with a big heart that I felt guided to write during a meditation ceremony with the Huni Kuin Amazonian tribe; a reminder for children of all ages to reignite the power and authenticity of our true, divine and happy selves. 'Katy Walton delivers a heartfelt and glowing reminder of the childlike gem that lies within us all, just waiting to be loved, polished, and allowed to sparkle.' Kate Maberly, Screenwriter, director, actress 'The tale of a little boy who realised he had all he needed inside of him, to step into a full and free life without shame and shadow. A powerful, beautifully communicated encouragement for all to realise and stoke the fire of our own worth so that we may step out in authenticity. An authenticity that gains strength, casting off assumptions, labels and destructiveness of others.' Anna Mather, Psychotherapist 'This story teaches children to embrace their shadow side with love, a habit which will serve them well throughout life! It is said that we are not born with a shadow side; we create one. Usually this begins in childhood and so anything we can do to introduce the idea of shadow integration at an early age can be highly beneficial for the child.' Charlie Morley, Hay House author shadow integration/ lucid dreaming teacher

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