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The Pugilist Poets of Venice

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A Boomer, an Xer, and a Millennial walk into a book...

Meet Hammerhead Hirsch, a charismatic middle-aged boho known in the 60s as "The Pugilist Poet" for his Golden Gloves boxing crown and Beat poetry chops. Thirty years later Head has become a first-time father, and his joy is immense—until the mom bolts. Can Head last fifteen rounds as a single dad with a paltry income, scanty prospects, biting demons, and a "ball-and-chain" kid? The tale is told by a worshipful youth who accompanies Head and his son every step of the way on a ten-year-long, three-way journey of struggles, missteps, love, and growth.

"This is a rollicking, big-hearted tale, full of laughter, bravery and unflinching humanity. The touch is light, but the questions are big: family, loyalty, art, and love are the rightful subjects of Sindell’s troupe of misfits and raconteurs, each of them a poet and each of them a pugilist too in this deeply funny and deeply felt novel."  ~ Emily Kiernan, author of The Great Divide

"Funny, sad, relatable and engrossing." ~ Stephen D. Gutierrez, American Book Award winner

"Disguised as a novel about free-spirited parenting, boys becoming men and men becoming, well, grown-ups, The Pugilist pulls no punches ... with prose that zings, swings and frequently sings." ~ Tracy DeBrincat, author of Hollywood Buckaroo

"With unflinching honesty, humor and a keen eye for detail, Sindell brings unforgettable characters to life in all their flaws and virtues." ~ Martin McCaw, finalist, International Book Awards

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