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Ineffably Beautiful: Saluki Pilgrimage

Posted on Friday, December 20, 2019 | No Comments

In 2002 two Christian middle-aged friends decided to leave their comfort zone in the leafy Surrey countryside for the turbulence of Jerusalem in the heart of the Arab-Israeli conflict. They took with them their beloved UK bred saluki hounds, a breed of Middle-Eastern provenance. Together they tried to live quietly among the people through the second Arab intifada, suicide bombings, internal strife and international hostilities while wars with Lebanon and Gaza raged on the borders of the country known as The Holy Land. Ineffably Beautiful is a picture of ordinary life but in an extraordinary place and time in history. This memoir also recalls those years when the varied fortunes of canines and owners intertwined to turn an exciting emotional pilgrimage to a descent into disappointment debt and despair. A lifelong dream fulfilled that almost, yet not quite, became a nightmare.

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