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They went to the stars in search of Earth-like planets. They found life. They had the perfect First Contact. They are even planning the first extra-solar colony. But do they really understand the world they came to conquer?

Two worlds are about to collide. And what seems to be strangely familiar may not be familiar at all.

Peter Jeffries is no action hero. He’s just a regular guy, to the extent astronauts can be considered regular guys. A hyperspace expert who accidentally joined the landing team, recommended by an obscure academic qualification.

Liz Hamilton is a firebrand, a starry-eyed idealist. She’s prepared to make friends and fight for them tooth and claw, damn the consequences.

Beyond her unassuming looks, Ellandra Sen’Dorien is the ultimate powerhouse. She has guarded the Haillar Dominion since the dawn of time.

Together they must turn the tables against an ancient, implacable foe. And in doing so, they will all end up reinventing themselves. 

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