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The Clutter Remedy

Posted on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 | No Comments

There are many valid approaches to creating neat and tidy spaces, but these approaches tend to fail over time because they suggest we decide what to keep or dispose of based on a feeling or a hunch and most of us love our stuff. The strategies include a clear and concise criteria for what we keep or toss out of our life, making sure we don't have regrets at the end of decluttering! Marla Stone’s fresh and friendly approach, based on her work as both a professional organizer and a former psychotherapist, goes beyond tidying up to offer the Clutter Remedy strategy that will create spaces you love and keep you perpetually organized. Marla walks you through a process of getting to know yourself and your values and then visualizing your ideal lifestyle and optimal surroundings. From that perspective, you’ll learn step by step (and room by room) how to create your ideal lifestyle and organize your space to support it.

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