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Underneath the Broken Sky

Posted on Tuesday, December 24, 2019 | No Comments

The clouds of war have ravaged the continent, killing, starving, infecting every soul. The enemy is approaching, the promised bloodshed retribution for sins committed years ago. There is no escape, no choice, but to stand and fight against the largest navy in the world.

Marie Thibault escaped-or thought the battles were behind her. For a brief moment the war feels far away. She has her husband, his child growing in her womb, the guns stay silent during the long Quebec winter. But British soldiers are not the only enemies in the frozen forests. Ghosts of the past stalk the city streets as broken promises, forgotten secrets and revenge collide with heart-breaking consequences.

Marie must fight not only to survive the war that has robbed her of so much, but to save her marriage, her family and her people as they march slowly toward the doomed campaign on the Plains of Abraham.

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