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What Doesn't Kill

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If that which does not kill you makes you stronger, then Inspector Thomas Sullivan is one tough dude. As life continues to kick Sullivan around the galaxy, the Alliance finds one criminal mess after another for the Inspector to clean up.

Cynical, bitter, and under no illusions about what life has in store for him, Sullivan finds the strength to fight corruption, bring justice to those who seldom experience it, and more often than not, kill the bad guy.

If Sullivan's life wasn't troubled enough, his path crosses that of a strange young woman and her sisters who are all too familiar with tragedy. 500 years in the future, hardboiled crime still reaches out and hurts the innocent.

Check out this crime noir from the future, the second in the prequel series for Inspector Thomas Sullivan!

The hardboiled noir from the future prequel series includes:

The Fractured Man
What Doesn't Kill
Dangerous Is The Game - January 2020 release date!

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