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Max's Cooler Surprise

Friday, January 31, 2020 Category : 0

Max finds a friend’s dead body in a cooler he had no authority to open. Max is an out of work musician and bar manager whose party never stops on his wild ride through the AZ bar scene and Mexican village, eventually going to Atlanta to face a pigeon loving suspect who may be still hell bent on revenge.

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The Adulterer's Confession: A Novel

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"Excuse me. Do you mind if I squeeze past?"

And so it begins. Two strangers meet on a plane. One has a terrible confession to make. But is it safe to tell a stranger? The other is haunted by past mistakes and looking for a fresh start. Over the course of their ten-hour flight they come to know each other’s deepest, darkest secrets.
Is confession good for the soul or is it better to keep your crimes bottled up inside?

Discover what becomes of Lee, Tamsin and Jake.

Rated FIVE STARS by real readers:

Praise for The Adulterer’s Handbook: A Novel

"Wow. This book is fantastic! I had absolutely no idea when I started reading that I'd be taken on this journey. The writing is great."

"I really enjoyed this book. I'm not sure how to categorize it -- a thriller or just good fiction? Regardless, I highly recommend it! I didn't want to put it down!"

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Showing Us the Way Home: The Gift of Near-Death Experiences (NDEs)

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Many of us fear dying, but what if we have nothing to fear? What if so many near-death experiences (NDEs) are coming to light now to reassure us there is life after death? Dr Joanne Coyle is a medical sociologist with twenty-five years' experience of researching patients' attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. After carefully examining over four hundred NDE accounts, she has reached the astonishing conclusion that by lessening our fear of dying, NDEs serve an even greater purpose. They awaken us to being part of a bigger reality of many worlds and dimensions. With the help of NDErs, ancient myths and the wisdom of indigenous peoples, Dr Coyle shows, if we open ourselves to the energy of this 'greater reality' (love), we can take our natural place in the cosmos. Near-death experiences are, in fact, showing us the way home.

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On a cold night in November, vulnerable and mentally unwell Elowen, finds herself being attacked in her brother’s home. Waking up in a secure psychiatric facility, on suspicion of murder and under section, Elowen knows that the only way to prove her innocence is for her brothers murky past to be revealed. As the truth unfolds, will the fragile family unit survive?

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ONLINE MARKETING BOOT CAMP: Discover The Secret Marketing Formula Of The Top 2% of Successful Entrepreneurs & Finally Crush Your Marketing!

Thursday, January 30, 2020 Category : , , 0

Do you have something awesome to share, but struggle to reach an audience? Spent a fortune on FB Ads and copywriters, but still only get crickets? Then you are probably missing one of the 10 foundational steps that are crucial for any marketing success! Let Top 100 Business Author Gundi Gabrielle help you to finally break through and receive the success and recognition you deserve! #ShareYourAWESOME

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Procrastination to Power: A different view of beating procrastination.

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Procrastination to Power is a whole new way of looking at how to get better at doing stuff and start feeling better about yourself. It looks at the reasons for procrastination, why we do it, and how we can overcome it. The book is written by an everyday man and is aimed at everyday people with everyday issues. Written in layman's terms and using real life examples, the author explains how he found the secret to getting more things done. Using simple ideas and proven methods, the author shows how it's possible to become more focussed, more dynamic and more successful. The book shows the reality of how making just small changes can make you feel more powerful, more alive, and more in control than you ever have before. If you want to make real, lasting changes in your life, this could be one of the most inspirational books you’ll ever read.

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The Wayward Wizard

Tuesday, January 28, 2020 Category : 0

I’m the last person a secret government agency wants to call for help.

I spend my days selling New Age trinkets to humans and my nights drinking with a street-hustling alchemist. Not exactly the law and order type. But when monsters from our childhood nightmares become flesh and blood, snatching people from the streets, I’m one of the few wizards alive who can uncover who’s behind it.

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The Pen and Its Author

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Combining magic, mysticism, wisdom and wonder into an inspiring tale of self-discovery, The Pen and Its Author, has become a modern classic around the world and transforming the lives of countless readers across generations.

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Dead Hemisphere - Keres Rising

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R.B. Landeck returns with the second part of his DEAD HEMISPHERE series and another chapter in its harrowing story of survival, failure, triumph, and redemption, and the very fabric of humanity in the face of certain annihilation.

From the concrete jungle of Nairobi to the beaches of Mombasa and the deep blue expanse of the Indian Ocean, pursued by the dead and an alliance of the powerful, hell-bent on keeping their secret from slipping away, rejoin Tom Railsback and his band of survivors in their struggle to outrun the mutation that is eating its way through the continent. Will he and his family make it out of Africa before it is too late? Allegiances will be tested, bonds made and broken, and endurance tested to its very limits against the tide of death and destruction, and KERES RISING from the very gates of hell itself.

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Billionaire Unknown ~ Blake: A Billionaire's Obsession Novel (The Billionaire's Obsession Book 10)

Monday, January 27, 2020 Category : 0

I was perfectly content with my life. My career was booming. I did as much charity work as I possibly could for the homeless, and I was perfectly happy with the choices I'd made.

At least...I was--until my sister, Dani, came up missing. As an international correspondent, she traveled to war-torn countries, and she'd stepped a little too far over the line. With my sibling kidnapped and running out of time, I had no option except to approach Marcus Colter for help.

Seeing Marcus again after having him break my heart over a decade ago wasn't easy, but to my relief, the old feelings I thought I might still harbor for him were completely gone. He was like a stranger to me. After meeting with him, my only emotion was gratitude that he was going to try to rescue my sister.

Before I could relax about feeling nothing for Marcus, I met Blake Colter, and realized every emotion I thought I'd have for Marcus was suddenly present for the gorgeous US senator.

It was ridiculous. I hadn't seen Blake since we were kids.

How could I have given myself to Marcus so many years ago, yet have these feelings for his twin brother, Blake?

The more time I spent with Blake, waiting for my sister to be rescued, the more confused I became about my attraction to him.

Then, my entire world came crashing down when I found out that everything I thought was true wasn't the truth at all.

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Apollo City

Saturday, January 25, 2020 Category : 0

On the domed artificial lunar habitat called Apollo City, where a repressive elite rule, freedom fighter and scientist Jim Callaghan plans to attack the society’s key AI infrastructure and sends a young woman to carry out the attack. When she dies in the blast, guilt ridden Jim attempts to use time travel to go back a day earlier to prevent it from happening. He fails and unbeknown to him he accidentally discovers a portal that enables him and his friends to traverse parallel realities only by this very moving between universes causes an upset in the subatomic nature in these realities. This virus which becomes a conduit for a sick sentient entity that threatens to cause instability all over the multiverse. Jim must find a cure before physical melding between all living matter and psychological mayhem are rampant while also sorting out his corner of the universe too.

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Good Luck? Bad Luck? Who Knows?

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William Shakespeare said, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances." We spend our lives playing many roles; acting out comedies, dramas, and tragedies. We dress up in our perceptions of truth and illusion and despite a lifelong relationship with learning our lines, we struggle to play our most important role-being ourselves.We refer to our life as a journey, quest, and adventure-on stage, it's a portrayal, performance, and recital-I call it...our Blessing Path and over 16 Acts, I invite you back on stage to prepare for your biggest performance, with you as director and in the lead role. Before the final curtain descends, you will have answered a mysterious question-is what we experience Good Luck? Bad Luck? Who Knows? and does it matter?

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Diabetic Recipes: A Nutritional Guide Cookbook For A Heart Healthy And Sugar free Meal Plan

Friday, January 24, 2020 Category : , 0

Your About To Uncover An Amazing Diabetic Recipe Book Today!And There Very Easy To MakeAre you struggling with diabetes? Are you having a hard and painful time going on a diabetic diet? Are the recipes you make bland and tasteless? Do you want to have a healthy diabetic lifestyle while enjoying delicious meals that are easy to make every day? Well, look no further because you have come to the right place.Its been reported that 9.4% of the U.S population have diabetes but you do not have to be part of that statistic because in this Diabetic Recipe book you will be able to eat delicious meals of your liking from a variety of selection while also maintaining your sugar levels which will be very beneficial for the heart. It will also improve your overall health as an individual in a natural way. So Want To Know What Exactly You Will Get From This Book Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Lean.... 1)Principles Of Diabetic Nutrition. 2)Diabetic Nutrition And Meal Plan .3)Natural Ways To Control Sugar Levels 4)Breakfast Recipes 5)Lunch Recipes 6)Dinner Recipes 7)Snacks And Drinks And Even More!Now go the top of the page and click Add to Cart button on the right to order now!

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Bittersweet Friday

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This novella is set in Clifton, Bristol, UK, sometime in the early 1980s. At a fringe play rehearsal, ex mental patient Steve receives a gift. It is of an introduction, with romance in mind, to the leading lady's friend, a woman called Teresa. They are duly introduced by the leading lady and during the course of that exploratory evening, Steve also finds his estranged ex-partner at the same party. Sparks fly between Teresa and Steve's ex; who does Steve really want? Where did Teresa go when she walked off in a silent rage? The dramatic players, the pub after rehearsals and the party after the pub evening, are all drawn from bohemia and the indie music scene. There is also a recount of an adventure in Bristol's ghetto, St. Paul. Everything combines to make this a romp of a romance through the jazzier, reggae loving side of the 1980s beatniks.

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The Times of Zachary Esmond

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Zachary Esmond was busy drowning his sorrows over a woman who butchered his heart when one final drink resulted in unexpected consequences. Now he can have his time over again, as many times as he'd like. But will he improve his life, or make it worse than ever before?

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Dumplings and Dynamite

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Widow Hollin Hughes doesn’t care how long it takes or the depths of deception required to discover how her husband really died. She’s determined to unearth the truth and unravel the mystery surrounding his death. Then a new dynamite man arrives at the mine and throws all her plans off kilter.

With a smile that makes females of any age swoon, Deputy Seth Harter can charm his way into or out of almost anything. When he’s sent undercover to Crescent Creek Mine, even the cranky cook seems entirely immune to his rugged appeal, making him wonder if he’s losing his touch. Eager to get to the bottom of a series of unexplained deaths, Seth counts on catching the criminals. He just didn’t anticipate a tempestuous woman claiming his heart in the process.

Brimming with humor, tidbits from history, and a sweet, unexpected love, don’t miss out on a heartwarming romance packed with adventure.

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Emotional Fossils: Mental Illness and Human Evolution

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This essay is the culmination of forty-five years as a psychiatrist investigating the relationship between severe mental illnesses and human evolution. I have concluded that the most important changes leading to our evolutionary success occurred inside the mind. Upright posture, large molar teeth, opposable thumbs, large brains, and the onset of culture were additive responses to the evolution of what MOTIVATED early humans.

The inner experiences of major depression, panic disorder, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder are shown to derive from the breakdown of normal emotions we all know intimately. These everyday feelings are ancient, have played a central role in our evolution, and thus can be viewed as "emotional fossils." Stigmatized for centuries, mental illnesses are revealed to be the price we pay as a species for the extraordinary mental capacities that make us human.

Short and explicitly written to be accessible, this essay interprets the scientific findings of human evolution in accordance with an evolving mind.

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City in a Forest

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Meet Arden Collier, Parker Gozer, and the hidden wilderness that miraculously survived Atlanta’s building boom. Once a renowned artist, Arden’s grief has turned her into a recluse in the home she risks losing. Parker excels at raising big money in Washington, D.C., but she longs for Silver Park – her safe haven – and she struggles to free herself from Buddy, who once preyed on her and now threatens to spoil a rare urban oasis. His unscrupulous development plan plunges Arden and Parker into a chaotic series of conflicts involving a famous art dealer, a QVC queen, and the forest that has claimed their hearts.

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The Empathy Engineer: A Novel

Thursday, January 23, 2020 Category : 0

"The Empathy Engineer" is an intercontinental love story with a deeply philosophical message, underscoring the core theme that humans crave to be accepted and loved as they are, and not what society wants them to be. The cultural associations are primarily south Asian, throwing light on an age old prejudice in south Asian societies to judge people by skin color. The protagonist, Abir, a young software engineer in Silicon Valley, California, calls himself "the empathy engineer", and is on a quest to spread the message of empathy through TED talks and blogs. This is Abir’s story: about his eternal love for the woman of his dreams, about social prejudices and unacceptance breaking his love apart, and his quest to find a deeper meaning of his life through practicing and spreading the basic tenets of empathy, compassion and kindness.

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Life's Mysterious Paths: A Woman's Life

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After my first book "The Dark Edge of the Rainbow" which describes the last War as it was experienced by my family, I was asked to write about the rest of my life, because in conversations people always said: "You should write a book about this". It was an extraordinary life which happened quite by accident, Guardian Angel guidance, naivety and Life teaching me the hard way. My children were my life savers and to them I dedicate this book. It was a fair life, and looking back I wouldn’t miss a thing, although sometimes I was ready to get off this planet. But that, I suppose is Life. Meanwhile my children have decided to live at the other end of the world in New Zealand and they have made a life for themselves which would not have been possible in Europe. I miss them terribly, but at the same time I am happy that they have made a great success of their lives, have wonderful partners and a child each. In the end, Life has been good to me.

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Dust and Dreams

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My name is Cassandra, and I've done something unspeakable to avenge those I love. The cries of the dead never rest. They wait until the mind sleeps and torment the soul with eternal pain. I have walked through fire to watch my enemies' burn, and now those I left behind are hunting me. I ran to San Francisco to escape on the train and start over, but they won’t let me go so easily. I never counted on meeting someone who could offer me love and peace. Dalton is a complication. Would he offer his love so freely if he knew what I am capable of? I can't let him be hurt because of my choices, we must go our separate ways, now I have to convince him of that...

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Missing on Main Street

Tuesday, January 21, 2020 Category : 0

"...This one hooked me from the start of the book and kept me up all night!..."

3 stay-at-home moms search for 1 endangered teen. Will they be able to save her, and themselves, from what they discover along the way?

Grab your copy today. You won't want to miss a single clue in this faith-building Christian mystery series by Sarah Hualde.

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The Transformation: How to Use Digital Transformation Technology to Reduce Costs, Accelerate Delivery Times, and Provide Exceptional Value

Monday, January 20, 2020 Category : , 0

How to transform and compete in the digital age is on every leaders’ mind and the race is on for companies of all sizes to utilize data and technology. To what extent an organization effectively transforms ultimately determines their future success or failure. And while most companies know that digital transformation is critical many struggle with it. Based on the experience gained from decades of successfully consulting with Fortune 500 companies, the team at Platinum PMO shares the procedures, practices, and methodologies, that set the stage for a successful implementation of the digital transformation process. “The Transformation” details every important aspect for a successful digital transformation. Whether your company is just considering this process or is along the way, you will find this book to be an indispensable guide for taking your organization successfully into the digital age.

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Death in a Carolina Swamp

Sunday, January 19, 2020 Category : 0

Jack Slocum returns from the Mid-East killing fields to seek solace in the sleepy North Carolina town where he spent his summers as a boy. Everything starts out fine. He sleeps in his grandparents’ fishing shack on the edge of the broad Brunswick River and spends his days roaming the nearby cypress swamp. Birds call from the trees. Crickets and other critters sing their songs. Then he stumbles across a German U-Boat – big, black, and ugly. Right in the middle of the swamp. Baffled, he invites his childhood friend, submarine analyst Amy Parker, to investigate. She jumps at the opportunity, never having met a submarine she didn’t like, and curious to see just how Jack Slocum turned out. Catching wind of the discovery, treasure hunter Billie Green decides to come on over as well. Green arrives with a state-of-the-art salvage ship, a certain manner that takes Amy by storm, and a nasty approach to life that promises a deadly future for all involved.

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The Message in the Painted Rock

Saturday, January 18, 2020 Category : , 0

Set in a small city in Texas in the present, this is the story of two resourceful and courageous teenagers who must deal with unbelievable and wondrous forces in their quest to solve a mystery involving an ancient artifact.

Summer vacation for Arthur and Marya takes a very strange turn when a weird old man with a long white beard draws the two friends into an ancient mystery that they must solve in order to recover an artifact from the distant past. They soon learn that they are not the only ones who seek this relic; closing in on them are powerful evil forces that will stop at nothing to get their hands on it. With help from some very unlikely sources, Arthur and Marya unravel clues that lead them to their goal, only to discover that it is protected by creatures they never imagined. When they find themselves deep underground, with time running out and with nothing to rely on except their own courage and trust for each other, the teenagers must vanquish inhuman forces if they want to get out alive.

It is a mystery with many twists and turns. But it is also tells the story of how these two teenagers, at first skeptical, finally come to realize that, just as the old man told them, magic and wonder surround them every day.

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White Oaks

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Siblings Aimee, Trainor, and Marsh Trapnell will do anything to win their billionaire father's approval, even helping him commit murder. When what they thought was the perfect victimless crime turns out to be all too real they have a body to dispose of in an alligator-filled swamp. Then their troubles really begin.

Join the Trapnells in a race to recover a stolen artifact in order to prevent the destruction of all life on earth. Their madcap journey takes them from South Georgia to Italy's glittering Amalfi coast to rugged Yellowstone National Park.

There are laughs a-plenty and plot twists that will keep you guessing right up to the final page.

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The Faces of Jasper Wilde

Friday, January 17, 2020 Category : 0

Jasper Wilde just wanted to finish his cigarette when he became an accidental murderer. He thought he'd get a life sentence for sure. He did. But not the way he expected. In fact, Jasper discovered that he could have as many lives as he wanted...

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Ripples in Reality The Series Shadow Step

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Shadow Step: Ripples in Reality, plunges into the action when an ancient mystery returns. People vanish or die in strange circumstances, but some survive and return home. As the survivors attempt to resume a normal life, events force them to accept the undeniable truth. Werewolves, elves, dark elves, and other supernatural creatures exist. They also discover that their contact with these myths and legends has altered them in ways they don’t yet understand. How they deal with this knowledge becomes a test of character. For good or evil, their choices serve as a catalyst for change on their home planet and the worlds they re-visit. While some civilisations exploit the situation, others strenuously resist impending revolution, but one question unites them all. Why is this happening? One ancient elven magician on a faraway world seeks answers as magic and science collide. Shadow Step offers adult and older teen readers exciting fantasy worlds, multiple characters and plenty of action.

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Coffee Roasting Made Easy

Thursday, January 16, 2020 Category : , 0

Create a $50,000 income roasting just one hour per day. Hidden within the second most traded commodity in the world is a virtually untapped business opportunity. Coffee Roasting Made Easy provides valuable insights from the pioneers of this new budding industry. Coffee micro roasting is today what micro brew beer was 25 years ago. Learn how to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new opportunity!

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The Anti-Deathist: Writings of a Radical Longevity Activist

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After publishing his bestselling novel The Transhumanist Wager in 2013, Zoltan Istvan began frequently writing essays about the future. A former journalist with National Geographic, Istvan’s essays spanned topics from the Singularity to cyborgism to radical longevity to futurist philosophy. He also wrote about politics as he made a surprisingly popular run for the US Presidency in 2016, touring the country aboard his coffin-shaped Immortality Bus, which The New York Times Magazine called “The great sarcophagus of the American highway…a metaphor of life itself.” Zoltan’s provocative campaign and radical tech-themed articles garnered him the title of the “Science Candidate” by his supporters. Many of his writings—published in Vice, Slate, Quartz, The Guardian, Gizmodo, TechCruch, Psychology Today, Salon, New Scientist, Business Insider, The Daily Dot, Maven, Wired UK, The San Francisco Chronicle, Newsweek, and The New York Times—went viral on the internet, garnishing millions of reads and tens of thousands of comments. His articles—often seen as controversial, provocative, and secular—elevated him to worldwide recognition as one of the de facto leaders of the burgeoning transhumanism movement. Here are many of those watershed essays again, organized, edited, and occasionally readapted by the author in this comprehensive nonfiction work, The Anti-Deathist: Writings of a Radical Longevity Activist—part of a forthcoming box set book collection of his work focusing on futurism, secularism, life extension, politics, philosophy, transhumanism and his early writings. Also included is one of Zoltan’s new essays, never published before. Enjoy reading about the future according to Zoltan Istvan.

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Fight the Good Fight

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Corporal David Cohen thought he'd left war behind. He was wrong. The Terran Coalition faces repeated and brutal attacks from the repressive League of Sol. To defend his home planet, David trades his dream of becoming a rabbi for a battlefront in the far reaches of space. When particle beams fly, his courage under fire brings quick promotion. But in the lulls between battles when he must confront his soul, David finds a different enemy: the ghosts of those killed under his command. Yet in war, it's kill or be killed-and the enemy shows no mercy. David must square the tenets of his faith against his responsibility to crew and country. If he fails in his command, billions face enslavement by a ruthless regime. Now it's an all-out fight for the galaxy's freedom. Because a man's greatest foe lies within.

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Zero Percenters

Wednesday, January 15, 2020 Category : 0

A tree-hugging conservationist, Anja Lapin refuses to digitize her body using the algorithm released by her father's tech company--even after everyone else on earth does. Meanwhile, a mysterious hacker plots to hijack the network of digitized people and claim control. Can Anja counter the attack and safeguard a brave new stage of human evolution? 

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The Myopian Defence

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It's getting harder to breath. Two hundred years have passed since the mass exodus of Earth, and the population of humanity's lifeboat, the gargantuan ship-world 'Myopia', has reached epidemic proportions. When a scientific breakthrough leads to perfecting displacement technology, a new world is secured, or so we thought. The arrival of Earth's refugees on a mysterious new planet will spark an epic battle between two cultures, and now that a connection between worlds has been secured, the fight for humanity's new home is on...

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Esports in Education: Exploring Educational Value in Esports Clubs, Tournaments and Live Video Productions

Tuesday, January 14, 2020 Category : , 0

Richards brings to light opportunities for technology-related career paths that students and educators are finding in the growing Esports industry. Richards explains how modern esports games like Fortnite and League of Legends, require players to manage multiple economies, respond with split-second reaction times, and communicate with groups of players like a team of navy seals. Just like Rock and Roll in the 70s, the esports movement may come as a shock to some parents and educators.

We now live a world where anyone with a high-speed internet connection has an honest chance to compete on the world esports stage. Paul draws on a recent esports tournament which included a 100% student-run broadcast team in NYC. Richards teams up with the Center for Educational Innovation Esports program along with a host of other schools to provide real-world perspectives on what is working in esports and education today. As educators continue to embrace the esports movement students will benefit from learning opportunities that are fueled by passion, excitement, and opportunity. Richards outlines the history of video game studies to help illustrate the fundamental research parents and educators should understand in terms of video game literacy. Simple strategies can greatly increase the educational value kids can garner from their video gaming experiences.

Engaging students and preparing them for their interactions in the online world is perhaps the best way of shepherding the youth toward a positive future. This book serves as a wonderful guide and shareable reference for students, parents and educators alike.

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Non-Obvious Megatrends

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What if you could predict the trends that will change your business?

For the past ten years, Rohit Bhargava’s signature annual Non-Obvious Trend Report has helped over a million readers discover more than 100 trends changing our culture.

Now for the first time, Rohit and his team of Non-Obvious trend curators reveal ten revolutionary new Megatrends that are transforming how we work, play and live.

— How might the evolution of gender fluid toys change our culture?
— What can the popularity of handmade umbrellas and board games teach us about the future of business?
— Why do robot therapists and holographic celebrities actually demonstrate the importance of humanity?

The answers to these questions may not be all that obvious, and that’s exactly the point. This completely revised 10th Anniversary edition of Non-Obvious also offers an unprecedented look behind the scenes at the author’s signature Haystack Method for identifying trends, and how you can learn to curate and predict trends for yourself.

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Unravel: Rising Up and Coming Back from a Season of Living that Damn Near Killed Me

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Unravel is the messy, raw, and honest story of one woman’s 'dark night of the soul', as the unexpected death of a former boyfriend quickly spirals into the loss of her business, her life as she knew it, her closest relationships, and her entire sense of self.

For anyone struggling, hurting, or feeling turned upside down in the middle of their own life, Stephenie Zamora reminds us that there’s no 'right way' to heal from grief and trauma, and no 'right timeline' either. Her poignant and gripping story illustrates the power of turning inwards, and how fully facing and feeling your pain can lead you back to your truth, your purpose, and yourself.

Most of all, Unravel is a potent example for anyone who's ready to experience the transformation that comes from sitting in the unknown and surrendering to their most challenging chapter.

Complete with a bonus chapter on her Journey Mapping™ healing process—born from Stephenie's story—Unravel is essential reading for anyone facing the disorientation of life’s heartbreaking seasons and transitions.

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Living in the Middle

Monday, January 13, 2020 Category : 0

Rejected by his race.  Hunted by the Klan.  Yet, standing up to hatred is what he’s compelled to do.

New York, Early 1900s: Jimmy Montgomery comes from old New York money and grows up among the Manhattan elite. At the age of eighteen, Jimmy discovers he’s been living a lie.   He follows his roots back to Tulsa, Oklahoma to answer the burning questions in his life. Who is he? What is he? Where does he belong? He finds love and friendship along the way, but full acceptance from either the White or the Black world eludes him. When trouble pits the White population of Tulsa against the Black community of Greenwood, Jimmy must finally make a choice---he can no longer live in the middle. His decision will alter the course of his life and those he’d come to love. What will he decide? Pick up a copy to find out.

LIVING IN THE MIDDLE is a powerful African American historical novel based on the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921. If you like passionate heroes, no-holds-barred history, high-stakes emotional tension, then you’ll love A. Robert Allen’s eye-opening story.

LIVING IN THE MIDDLE is a stand-alone story connected by theme to the other volumes in A. Robert Allen’s Slavery and Beyond series.

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Miracle Man Revelations

Category : 0

When an experimental time ship arrived from the future today, the fate of humanity was trusted to a small town farmer from South Dakota, Rex Henderson. They enhanced his intelligence and later he evolved developing new abilities and powers he could not control.

He uncovered an ancient evil force dating back to the beginning of time plotting our destruction. They have been hidden among us for generations and their plan was about to unfold. What he chooses to do will perhaps save or destroy our world. He was destined perhaps even cursed to become the Miracle Man.

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A Mouse for the Duke

Sunday, January 12, 2020 Category : , 0

Lord Declan Sheridan is content growing the family business. There’s no time for courting. He’s put all his energy, money and time into his custom furniture line. Declan is unprepared for the ultimatum given to him by his grandfather, the owner of Sheridan Furniture. Marry by Christmas or lose his inheritance!

London Taylor works as a lady’s maid by day, while secretly playing the stock market. Becoming “the mouse” was necessary to get the job. Everyone warned her that Tessa Hubbard was horrible to work for, but the job came with perks. It was supposed to be a simple thing. Wear a disguise, work hard and secretly play the stock market. When London overhears a plot, she is forced to make a choice that will alter the path of her life.Lord Declan Sheridan is content growing the family business. There’s no time for courting. He’s put all his energy, money and time into his custom furniture line. Declan is unprepared for the ultimatum given to him by his grandfather, the owner of Sheridan Furniture. Marry by Christmas or lose his inheritance!

This is a heartwarming tale of two people trying to trust the Lord to guide their path, and along the way find a love worth fighting for.

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The Invitation, A Journey into Mankind's Future

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This book is a cautionary tale about the catastrophic effects of climate change told through the science fiction genre of "first contact" and represents the most likely scenario of how that inevitable event will occur. It contains no over the top "Star Wars" type battle scenes of planets getting ripped in half or silly notions of alien space vampires trying to conquer the world. It stems from pure imagination and is the most probable way that "first contact" will play out.

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Eden's Legions

Saturday, January 11, 2020 Category : 0

Earth has been destroyed, but that was a very long time ago. This new galaxy, rich in habitable planets and life, is starting to feel like home. Yet the human presence is not welcome but tolerated as none of the galaxy’s other intelligent species has the strength to stop the human plague. It is their natural talent for war that makes humans so feared. Yet even humans tire of war and so have allowed the galaxy to enjoy a time of peace and their own colonies to grow and prosper. But behind curtains of peace an ambitious human general consolidates her power.

While the general endures peace, politics fail and weaken humanity’s once united cause. Sensing weakness, the general wakes her armies from decades of hypersleep. She will need all her strength and cunning, for the species she hopes to conquer is the most dangerous of them all, her own kind. Her conquest is promised in blood and fire, that is until the small scavenging crew of the Missing Madam intrudes on her cruel design. Not on purpose, of course.

99 Cent Bargain Book from January 11 - February 11, 2020

Carcinogenic Mind: The Psychosomatic Mechanisms of Cancer. Contribution of chronic stress and emotional attitudes to the onset and recurrence of disease, how to prevent it and help the treatment

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The role of the psyche in the genesis of cancer has been discussed by scientists for several hundred years. This book presents about 2000 studies that prove that our mind is the main source of cancer.

The author, one of the leading psycho-oncologists of Ukraine, physician, psychotherapist, molecular biologist, and Buddhist practitioner, uses an interdisciplinary and integrative approach, involving data from psychology, oncology, psychoneuroimmunology, philosophy, epigenetics, and other branches of knowledge. Step by step, Dr. Matrenitsky uncovers the inseparable connection of psychological, social, spiritual, and physical mechanisms of cancer. It is explored throughout the whole continuum of illness, starting with a predisposition in the womb and childhood.

A tumor is just the tip of the iceberg. Its unseen root is inability to cope with the problems of life, psychological traumas and intrapersonal conflicts, arising from unmet needs. This leads to chronic psycho-physiological stress, which suppresses the immune system and other systems providing anti-cancer protection. The result is an existential crisis, leading to the loss of the will to live, initiating a program of unconscious self-destruction.

Overcoming the crisis, achievement of post-traumatic growth, and spiritual awakening can revive the natural healing powers of the body, support the medical treatment, and bring the patient to stable remission or complete healing.

An alternative to the standard biomedical approach to preventing cancer, the book shows how new ‘anticancer’ mindsets and lifestyle will help us to get and stay healthy.

"Carcinogenic Mind: The Psychosomatic Mechanisms of Cancer. Contribution of chronic stress and emotional attitudes to the onset and recurrence of disease,  how to prevent it and help the treatment" only $4.99 on Amazon Kindle from Jan 11-12, 2020

Demonic Indemnity

Friday, January 10, 2020 Category : 0

As the first human in 3,200 years to work in the Special Investigations Unit of Crimson Seal Insurance, Tim Lovecraft knows his days of processing run-of-the-mill claims for werewolf maulings and poltergeist home invasions are over. SIU is where they investigate the toughest and scariest claims, like supernatural identity theft (aka demonic possession), exsanguinations (total and partial), zombification, and death or injury by cursed artefacts of all kinds. Despite the new job, Tim's life is not easy. His new boss is a literal demon with no regard for the company's scent-free workplace policy. His brother is a lazy, unemployed vampire who won’t move his coffin out of Tim's apartment. His coworkers are a motley collection of werewolves and ghouls. And his mother won't stop trying to set him up with psychics from her chain of spiritualist day spas. Tim badly wants to make a good impression by solving his first case. When he gets caught between a powerful cult trying to resurrect an ancient entity and a demon mob boss who wants him dead, Tim knows he is seriously increasing his odds of statistically expected mortality. Demonic Indemnity is another hilariously horrific tale from Craig McLay, author of award-winning international bestsellers Village Books, The Donnelly Tontine and other books you should read immediately.

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Forging of the Opposites

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(The Tales of Dante Quintrell, Chapter 1) Dante Quintrell is an Alchemer, the last of an ancient order that strove to protect Gaia, a wondrous land full of towering forests, titanic mountains, and stifling deserts. There's nothing Dante wants more than a pint of mead. Save for overthrowing the tyrannical Queen Medea Eldrid. The Queen will stop at nothing to control Gaia, all for some great, militaristic purpose which involves a mythical place known only as the Sanctuary. The Alchemer thinks his task will be as simple as assassinating Medea's military leaders before slitting her throat and calling it a day.

However, the resurgence of an ancient poem will make Dante's quest more complicated than he first thinks. Join Dante Quintrell and his best friend, Zara Kailani, as they hunt Medea's Admiral Chief, attempt a daring prison break, and strike deals with pirates while drawing closer to discovering the Sanctuary's true nature. And, perhaps, the Sanctuary itself.

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The Following of Christ

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In The Following of Christ, Greg Gordon gives us a glimpse of what following the Lord truly meant to the Early Church. Join hands with your nail-pierced Lord's hand and learn of that great cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12:1) who have gone before us, some giving their very lives.

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More Than A Diet Book: 7 Steps I took to lose 40 lbs, find joy and peace even while working 40 hours (Never Stop Learning Lifestyle Series)

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Deep down inside our souls, we know that we are created powerful beyond measure by a wonderful creator. However, somewhere along the lines, whether from our environment, parents, social media, we stop believing it, and we start to settle. We buy into the dream of external factors that will make us happy, peaceful, and joyous. Before long, we realize we went the wrong direction and ended up somewhere we don't want to be.

Written by Family Nurse Practitioner and author Brandon Pervis Sr, More Than A Diet Book will show you how to:

What are the critical components to a proper healthy diet
Tips and ways to eat healthy while raising a family
How to develop an exercise plan that works for you
Why quality sleep is essential and how to obtain it
How to create a supportive, loving team around you
The importance of reducing your stress and managing your emotions for weight loss
How to develop good habits and more self-disciple
Increase your self-esteem and belief in yourself
How to improve your relationship with God/creator

By reading More than A Diet Book, you will be able to:
Guide yourself to develop a diet plan that works for your lifestyle
Improve toxic relationships in your life

FREE eBook from January 9 - 11, 2020

Christmas Hearts

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Curvy girl Grace Taylor had accepted the fact that she might never find ‘the one’, but that didn’t stop her from asking Santa for someone to share her life most Christmases. Raised on a Christmas tree farm, it wasn’t difficult for her to keep the spirit of Christmas all year long. When she meets the new neighbor across from her family’s Christmas tree lot this year, she thought that maybe, just, maybe, Santa was on the job.

Hardin Montgomery wasn’t looking for someone to settle down with. He more than enjoyed his bachelor lifestyle. Well, most days he did. Some days however, he realized he wasn’t getting any younger and the thought of a wife and family appealed to him more and more—especially this time of year.

Can Santa spread a little Christmas magic and let two lonely hearts find each other this Christmas?

99 Cent Bargain Book from January 9 - 31, 2020

Love Muffin and Chai Latte

Wednesday, January 8, 2020 Category : 0

Love Muffin and Chai Latte follows the journey of Tabitha Lee Timmons as she deals with financial stress, loony relatives, some crooks, an unhappy bride to be, a grumpy old man and two heartbreakingly handsome men.

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Smoke and Mirrors

Tuesday, January 7, 2020 Category : 0

Grace Ashby wakes to the sound of a horrifying scream.

She races down the hallway, finding her mother's lifeless body on the floor in a pool of blood. Her mother's boyfriend Hugh is hunched over her. At first glance it seems Hugh is to blame, but is Hugh really her mother's killer?

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The Self-Publisher's Demo Book for Kindle Formatting

Monday, January 6, 2020 Category : 0

A true must-have for all beginning self-publishers, this book helps you format your own Kindle book quickly, easily and with confidence!

I’m a self-publisher just like you, and in this book, I’m going to give you live examples of different formatting options in their “natural habitat” and walk you through the most crucial stages of formatting your book for Kindle step by step.

This is what you get: plenty of examples of different formatting options (line spacings, indentations, alignments etc.), how to use images as chapter titles (step by step), how to tweak your TOC entries without affecting the layout of your book (step by step), the most popular ways to start your chapters, how to (and how not to) format quotes and much more.

In a nutshell, you get basically all the information you need to format your book like a pro!

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