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Apollo City

Posted on Saturday, January 25, 2020 | No Comments

On the domed artificial lunar habitat called Apollo City, where a repressive elite rule, freedom fighter and scientist Jim Callaghan plans to attack the society’s key AI infrastructure and sends a young woman to carry out the attack. When she dies in the blast, guilt ridden Jim attempts to use time travel to go back a day earlier to prevent it from happening. He fails and unbeknown to him he accidentally discovers a portal that enables him and his friends to traverse parallel realities only by this very moving between universes causes an upset in the subatomic nature in these realities. This virus which becomes a conduit for a sick sentient entity that threatens to cause instability all over the multiverse. Jim must find a cure before physical melding between all living matter and psychological mayhem are rampant while also sorting out his corner of the universe too.

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