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Christmas Hearts

Posted on Thursday, January 9, 2020 | No Comments

Curvy girl Grace Taylor had accepted the fact that she might never find ‘the one’, but that didn’t stop her from asking Santa for someone to share her life most Christmases. Raised on a Christmas tree farm, it wasn’t difficult for her to keep the spirit of Christmas all year long. When she meets the new neighbor across from her family’s Christmas tree lot this year, she thought that maybe, just, maybe, Santa was on the job.

Hardin Montgomery wasn’t looking for someone to settle down with. He more than enjoyed his bachelor lifestyle. Well, most days he did. Some days however, he realized he wasn’t getting any younger and the thought of a wife and family appealed to him more and more—especially this time of year.

Can Santa spread a little Christmas magic and let two lonely hearts find each other this Christmas?

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