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Ripples in Reality The Series Shadow Step

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Shadow Step: Ripples in Reality, plunges into the action when an ancient mystery returns. People vanish or die in strange circumstances, but some survive and return home. As the survivors attempt to resume a normal life, events force them to accept the undeniable truth. Werewolves, elves, dark elves, and other supernatural creatures exist. They also discover that their contact with these myths and legends has altered them in ways they don’t yet understand. How they deal with this knowledge becomes a test of character. For good or evil, their choices serve as a catalyst for change on their home planet and the worlds they re-visit. While some civilisations exploit the situation, others strenuously resist impending revolution, but one question unites them all. Why is this happening? One ancient elven magician on a faraway world seeks answers as magic and science collide. Shadow Step offers adult and older teen readers exciting fantasy worlds, multiple characters and plenty of action.

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