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Sam and the Haunted Colosseum

Posted on Friday, January 3, 2020 | No Comments

Sam is now ten years old and he has been searching Google to learn about the wonders of the world. He suggested to his parents a visit to the great Colosseum in Rome, Italy. Sam found out that the Colosseum was built by the Roman Empire to enjoy watching fights and battles to the death. He arrived at the Colosseum and started imagining the fights and warriors. He realized how lucky he was that he would never go through similar fights. At that moment, a man told him that he shouldn’t be so happy as there are challenges waiting for him. Sam has been given the responsibility by the Gods to change everything in the Colosseum. He needs to stop the fights and replace them with art. In this trip, Sam will go through lots of adventures, fights, and battles to change the Colosseum and protect the fighters. Will Sam succeed?

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