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Final Whistle (Lincolnshire Murder Mystery Book 11)

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Jacqueline Epton-Howe had heard of an unexplained death on the radio forty miles away as she prepared breakfast. "My story will most certainly be warts and all," she says. "Because that it is exactly how you'll find me and I make no excuses. I'm quite sure the modern thought police and other outraged sensitive souls will find fault with my intelligent yet less than politically correct terminology. If that is the case I'm afraid you'll have to like it or lump it. If this book is not your kettle of fish at all, you can always hand it in to a charity shop or chuck it in the recycle bin." Amber Coetzer had returned home to make an appalling discovery. A few years after her husband had been tragically killed in an accident at work she walked in to find the body of her only child Graeme.

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