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Heal For Life: How to Heal Yourself from the Pain of Childhood Trauma

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Having helped more than 8,500 survivors of childhood trauma to find inner peace and hope for the future.

Heal For Life’s innovative recovery model is based on the latest research in the neurobiology of trauma and the experiences of over 8,500 survivors. It works because it helps survivors get to the root of their trauma, providing them the time and space to deeply connect with and express their emotions. The core of the model is the belief that emotions suppressed at the time of trauma must be released for long-term neurobiological changes to occur.

The author focuses on providing knowledge about trauma, to help readers understand why they feel and act the way they do and teaches skills that help readers to stablise their biological response to emotional triggers and feel more in control of their day-to-day lives.

The Heal For Life model extends SAMHSA’s universally recognised principles of trauma-informed practice to include the organisation’s own experiential knowledge of what survivors need to recover from trauma, gained over two decades of service delivery. It also aligns with recommendations from the Australian Centre for Post Traumatic Mental Health, whose literature review and recommendations were also endorsed by the National Mental Health and Medical Research Council, the Royal Australian College of Psychiatrists and the Australian Psychological Society.

Heal For Life has been described as “essential reading” by survivors and mental health professionals alike.

Healing is possible for you, too.

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