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Hometown Homicide

Posted on Thursday, February 20, 2020 | No Comments

In the small town of Clever, Texas, the story of the Woodsman has been told around local campfires for at least a century. Born and raised in Clever, Sheriff Blue Hayes has heard the old folk tale plenty of times. But on the first day of deer hunting season in Blackerby Woods, someone has used the urban legend as a blueprint for murder.

If you go into the forest at night
The woodsman will get you
and tie you up tight...

A high school math teacher is found suspended upside-down from a tree branch, field-dressed and bled out like a ten-point buck.

He'll cut your throat
and let the blood spray...

A couple of days later, another hanging, gutted corpse is found in the forest. Below the swaying body, the skull of another victim lies in the blood-soaked dirt. As Sheriff Blue Hayes and her team investigates the brutal crimes, they begin to uncover one of the town's deepest, darkest secrets.

Because he is the woodsman
And you are the prey.

Then the serial killer begins stalking Blue, and she realizes they better snare this psychopath soon... before she becomes the Woodsman's next victim.

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