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Running from Arrows (A Running Store Mystery Book 2)

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One of Lacy's beaus has a bow. Unlike Cupid, his arrows kill. There's more than romance in the air this Valentine's Day! Running from Arrows is the fun, twist-filled, romantic cozy mystery romp you've been waiting for! Valentine's Day is coming up and Lacy is single. If that's not bad enough, she has a secret admirer. Is he the compassionate, haunted detective; the ruggedly handsome businessman; the suave maître d’, the guy in her running group who stares too much; or maybe someone who's not yet on her radar? She'll find out soon enough because he's invited her to dinner. Now the question isn't how long Lacy will remain single...but how long she'll remain alive. During the Sweetheart Run through the town of Cedar Mill a fellow runner is murdered and a notorious burglar called the Black Cat is found dead with an arrow sticking out of him. The press has dubbed the mysterious assassin the ‘Cupid Killer’. He has so far claimed two victims. There will soon be a third, but who will that be? The strange murders are somehow connected to the ladies of Run For It - Lacy the quiet divorcee, Stax the quirky bookseller, and Ruby the old-time mystery novelist. They're back in a race against time to catch an invisible killer, figure out the identity of Lacy’s secret admirer, and exonerate an innocent man!

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