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Stronger than Blood

Posted on Saturday, February 1, 2020 | No Comments

USA, 2055. In a future Washington where true democracy no longer exists but the authoritarian Democracy Party controls all aspects of social life, privacy is a distant memory. The ability the speak, act, and even think freely has been curtailed in order for the government to ensure that society runs as the Party wants it to run. To some this is utopia, to others it is a dystopian nightmare. To have a semblance of a good life you must be in the Party, poverty and fear marks those who are not in the Party. For one party member everything changes the moment an ex-lover slips a note into his pocket. From there Albert risks everything, including his own life to expose the truth about this corrupt government, desperately searching for anything that can prove to society that the government is always lying to them. Can he reveal the extent of the corruption before it's too late? "Mason's insights into power, control and the manipulation of the public are illuminating. Anyone scratching their heads at contemporary Western politics will enjoy this book." - Matt Avoy Book Review

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