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The Drama of Being A Teen

Posted on Friday, February 14, 2020 | No Comments

Strengthen your knowledge of the teenage experience today in a no holds barred approach to story-telling from one of the nation's most compassionate educators.

The Drama Of Being A Teen is the self-help book for young people who are determined to overcome the hurdles of high school in order to be the very best version of themselves. You will find the pages in this book filled with in-depth student stories, expert advice, sacred secrets, and easy to apply tips that will help you to

-Identify the areas of conflict in your life and how to know for sure that you will overcome them.

-Examine true stories of other teens in order to gain insight and understanding of your own behaviors and life choices.

-Become equipped with proven strategies to diminish the power of drama in your life.

-Learn how to not be a victim of your circumstances, even when you feel victimized.

-Develop the belief that you control your own life instead of allowing life to control you.

"The Drama of Being A Teen" by Shira Smith available on Amazon Kindle

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