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A Conversation with the Past: Portrait of a Family

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Morris (Moishe) Miller's Memoir (mmmm) VOLUME II, includes a cast of characters most of whom (if not all) are long gone. Probably the sole survivor, he enables each and every one to tell their stories in their own personal way. This has only been possible because they left behind a wealth of written material which Morris has collected, collated, translated, and transliterated from Mahmeh loshen, (mother tongue) in a word – Yiddish. Miller's skill and fluency in the language allowed him to bring his family, friends and colleagues from a distant past into the 'here and now'. He has also contributed some of his own prose and poetry, albeit with an 'ahem' reservation for the latter! This Memoir is all about Family, its troubles and joys, and ultimate achievements in the face of adversity and oomglik (misfortune). Bah to the slings and arrows! Rest assured that you won't need to read the script from right to left. Everything is perfectly understandable, because it is written in proper Y'english.

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