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Baxters Bluff

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Baxter had a choice to make. Pay back the £200.000 to the gangster he owed the money to within seven days, or he and his partner Angela would die a slow agonising death, but first he would be forced to watch her die then he would suffer the same fate. The other choice was to rob a high end Jewellery shop in Hatton Garden of two huge diamonds. This would pay of his debt to the gangster, but leaving him with a million pounds. That was the choice's he was given. However, Baxter had a third choice he could keep all the money then disappear with his partner. Yet the risks were very high. All he had was five days notice to carry out the heist. Baxter was a very resourceful man what he did was nothing short of amazing. However, he forgot one thing, the gangsters tentacles were everywhere.

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