> Love vs Fear - What's Blocking You?

Love vs Fear - What's Blocking You?

Posted on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 | No Comments

A BOOK ON HOW RELEASING FEAR AND MANIFESTING SELF-LOVE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!! This book is a masterclass in understanding the influence that our thoughts and beliefs have on our lives, how crippling fear and stress is, and how empowering it is to love ourselves genuinely. It talks about energies, vibrations and time and how these tie into our manifestations. You'll learn why it is essential to know that water stores memory and how it affects our lives. And you'll understand how our innermost beliefs about ourselves are reflected at us in the form of people, situations and manifestations. You see, our experiences aren't a reflection of our expressions and personalities. They are mirroring our subconscious beliefs, and all that we have been taught is possible for us. Our habits and patterns are also a mirror of our subconscious programs. Once you have understood that there is a reason behind every word, action and manifestation in your life, the energy healing workbook will help you unlock and release the blocks that are keeping you from living and manifesting THE LIFE THAT YOU WANT.

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