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The Boy Secret

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The Boy Secret is the book for parents who are seeking to help their sons succeed in school. Once a boy starts school, the majority of his day is spent with people outside of his family. Parents need strategies and tools to help their boy understand school and help their boy succeed in school. In a few short chapters, this book will: Help you understand the reasons boys struggle in school Give you the knowledge and resources to overcome these obstacles Create strategies and practices that will help your boy be successful in school Provide personal examples of boys that are now successful in school By the end of The Boy Secret, you will understand your son, the way his brain works, his experience at school, and how you can utilize practices and strategies at home that will help him to overcome the obstacles in his way and succeed in school. This book will give you strategies for every aspect of school development from early language development skills to diet and exercise. This book will give you a plan for helping your boy understand school and helping your boy succeed in school.

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