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The Hollow Bone of Healing

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The Hollow Bone of Healing offers you simple and effective self-healing solutions to heal body, mind, and spirit. Learn how to channel Source Energy, angels and guides, and be The Hollow Bone. In this book you will: Learn how to be The Hollow Bone of Healing and channel Source Energy, angels, and guides Experience the power of Pure Love Receive healing and messages from Source Energy through the Merge Technique Release trauma gently and easily, from this lifetime or any others, from you or your ancestors, using the Time-Space Continuum Technique Manifest your heart's desires quickly and easily, using Sacred Geometry Activations Clear your space and give back to the earth with the Portal Technique.

What Readers are Saying: Grace Hedman: "I have become an ally with my heart, my head and life. It helped me claim my power and own it, so I can easily shine my light into the world." Brandi D: "After listening to the meditations, I was off opioids in 3 days." Laurie Graham: "Your meditations were beautiful. I practiced them at each stage of the book." Donna Wolf: "Yummy meditations!" Matt B. Parsons: "I plan to include (both books) in future Reiki classes." Miracle Star: "The real healing is a healing session from your practitioners and for those who want to go that far, full training to become a practitioner." Free Guided Meditations with each book

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