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FaithlessX examples attractiveness, brains, ambition and education all getting trumped by obsession and narcissism. While outrageous and subversive, humanity eventually crowbars through, offering late chances at redemption. Interest in science creates a scientist, the need to feed to the Texas oil patch leads. Becoming a dad opens his heart but feast and famine tests his relationships with women. Loneliness and fixation on female beauty makes him easy prey for a narcissist as his kids grow up and move away. There's plenty here for both nerds and naughties and fans of occasional random mayhem. Karma hits many marks but with scatter-shot aim. FaithlessX, possibly inspired by real events, chronicles how two different planets steer into and collide with each other despite many alternate orbits that either could have chosen. Real love, to others and those that love them, gets lost and left behind. Gross this tale up to a national scale and we could be in serious trouble...

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