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Operation Thor

Posted on Thursday, April 2, 2020 | No Comments

It is 1944 and Major Myles Foley parachutes from his damaged aeroplane flying over southern Germany. He is taken prisoner and an interview with the local Gestapo proves to be particularly unpleasant. During his interrogation, he encounters a very beautiful SS woman. Foley is sent to the local prisoner of war camp, but is clearly on a mission. Two parts of his mission are accomplished before he has the opportunity to 'escape.' He escapes by joining the British Free Corps, a fledgling division of the German SS. Two beautiful women feature in Foley's escapades. One is in the SS and working at Gestapo HQ, the other is a barmaid at one of the town’s hotels. Which one, if either, will win Foley's heart? A permanent thorn in Foley's side is the local Gestapo chief! As the Allies advance, will Foley accomplish the third and most important part of his mission?

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