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Rogue Divorce Lawyer : A Legal Thriller

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Depravity escalates to murder. "Great psychological thriller." "Author truly gifted." "Real life characters you can't forget." [NOW AVAILABLE IN AUDIOBOOK]

Based on a real "Me Too" case—in this legal thriller for decades divorce lawyer Gary Stockton sexually harasses, abuses, and subjugates his "special" female clients. After his legal bills drain their money, the quid pro quo for his continued work becomes their bodies. To him, they are the perks of his practice. When Stockton's criminal depravity escalates to murder, this new craving leads to a shocking trial. A pillar of the community, this rogue divorce lawyer is unstoppable until a new client Eliana Thurston walks into his office—his lair. [Note: Sexual Subject Matter ~ Some Necessarily Explicit ~ Mature Readers]

AMAZON REVIEWS 4.5: "The characters are as compelling as the story which is true. Have read this author before. Truly gifted." "Couldn't Stop Reading."Put you into the courtroom." "Great psychological thriller with an amazing trial. A real page turner. Could not put it down. This author has a particular talent for developing real life characters that you can't forget."
GOODREADS: 4.33 Rating

Second in Series ~ HOLLYWOOD ON TRIAL

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