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Seraphim Collective Chronicles: Book 1 - The Shard

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'From Brit Writers Award Shortlisted author James R Bowman comes a brand new instalment into his sweeping apocalyptic saga.' Over 8900 years ago, The SERAPHIM COLLECTIVE was formed to protect the fledgling humanity from creatures who believed this world was theirs and ruled everything on it. 7500 years ago. The final cataclysmic battle against the malevolent and tyrannical Kalithine Empire took place, the Drakareth – the Dark Dragons - chain of domination was broken, though at great cost to both sides, even the victors. Present day and the SERAPHIM COLLECTIVE still protect us from the shadows, for humanity has forgotten their origins and what terrified them, but that's about to change drastically. Two have been found this century who fulfil an ancient Drakareth vengeance prophecy, screamed in blood by a dying Drakareth seer foretelling the return of Their Malevolent Queen Kalith and her brutal Kalithine Empire

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