> > Steel Corp. (A tale of human frailties)

Steel Corp. (A tale of human frailties)

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"I would also like to make another announcement," said Max Defamatory. "The appointment of Martin Fibster as Director of Conversations." It's a whirlwind of chaos, as the hapless employees of Steel Corp fall victim to the revolving door of successive megalomaniac managers; determined to make their mark, by unwittingly destroying what has worked perfectly well for years in their avarice for power. The vulnerability of Steel Corp's engineering survey team, sent into the remote desert region of Arcadiz, who become unwittingly entangled in a sinister international conspiracy. Can Stacey Styles, the vivacious office administrator win the heart of Swearing Al with her latest cosmetic enhancements? What exactly does go on at the select and secretive country club? A dark satirical comedy which exposes the futility of modern corporate stupidity.

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