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44, Becoming Self

Sunday, May 31, 2020 Category : , 0

This book is my debut novel, it's based on my life. It speaks about the power of our Inner Voice, often also called Intuition. That Voice, that to me is our Higher Self guides us through life and speaks to us in many situations. In my book you will discover what happens when you listen to its  guidance...I hope it will remind you to tap into your intuition as well.

44, Becoming Self by Ania K only $5.99 on Amazon Kindle

The Winter War: A Captivating Guide to the Russo-Finnish War between Finland and the Soviet Union (The Eastern Front Book 1)

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If you want to discover the captivating history of the Winter War, then keep reading...

In December 1940, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill made a speech about a conflict that had some leading figures in Britain and France, including Churchill himself, briefly discussing the idea of going to war with the Soviet Union, even though they were already fighting Adolf Hitler.

Of course, war makes strange bedfellows, and one year later, Churchill would find himself allied with the Soviet Union against Germany and Finland. It’s an interesting saga, one with roots in imperial Russian history and the desire of the Finns to be free in their northern forests.

Get this book if you want to learn more about the Winter War!

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Jake Caldwell Thrillers

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Mob enforcer, Jake Caldwell is in the dark business of breaking kneecaps and snapping bones. But each job sends him one step closer to turning into the man he swore he’d never become–his violent and abusive father. Leaving the mob is easier said than done, so when his boss offers a bloody way out, Jake has no choice but to take it, even if it means confronting old ghosts.

While seeking redemption from a violent upbringing Jake learns he can't turn his back on those who need him…it's in his blood. But Jake needs to stay one step ahead of the bad guys if he is to have any future at all.

For fans of Jack Reacher and The Prey Series by John Sanford, this is an intense, complex, and frantic race against time set in the Ozarks.

Jake Caldwell Thrillers includes: Poor Boy Road, Ares Road, Blackbird Road and Asylum Road.

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Season of Ice: Tales of Murder, Mystery & Mayhem

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From the 1965 east-coast blackout to depression-era Nebraska; from the trash-piled streets of Manhattan to rural-South Carolina; here are seventeen short stories of innocent criminals, guilty bystanders, mob hit men, dead farm girls and small-town cops.

Justice is brutal, long dead secrets won't stay in the grave and just about everybody has something real to fear.

“Each story in this collection twists its tail in unexpected directions – unexpected but satisfying, delivering perfectly right closure.” – Paul Bishop, author of Lie Catchers.

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Poison Orchids

Saturday, May 30, 2020 Category : 0

A compelling novel from bestselling authors Sarah A. Denzil and Anni Taylor.

An enigmatic chemist tends his prized orchid collection on a remote farm in northern Australia. International backpackers find their way there each season, desperate for work. The Chemist welcomes them all in with open arms. But what chilling, twisted secret is he hiding?

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Unscrambled Eggs

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Profound and riveting, Unscrambled Eggs is a poetry collection about living your dreams and finding purpose.

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Shrink Money Advice: Millennials to Boomers-How to Invest Today

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During these Covid times what can we learn about investing from a Shrink? 10 Years ago Dr. Svec told the story of a fictional couple unhappy with their ability to manage money and their lives. What if you had listened to the advice and followed the same path 10 years ago? How much would you be worth today and what should you now do with that money? After telling the story, Dr. Svec provides you with specific investment strategies on how to make money in Real Estate, Stocks, Private Lending and other investments during these difficult times. Find out how he was able to realize gains of 30% annually year after year. There just may be something to this.

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The 20 Freedoms of Being: 20 THOUGHTS THAT WILL RAISE YOU

Friday, May 29, 2020 Category : , 0

It is a compendium of 20 essential thoughts, of very high vibration. Illustrated with my world-renowned pictorial work.

"The 20 Freedoms of Being: 20 THOUGHTS THAT WILL RAISE YOU" by Cristina Bergoglio on Amazon Kindle

Solace From Shadows

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What happens when every moment, tucked within five brief days, becomes a memory? Each touch, and every whisper becomes a soul's sustenance to live, to hold on, when all seems lost? What if these days were all that remained in the hourglass of a life lived? A day of rescue. A day of discovery. A day of togetherness. Another of resolution. On the last day...is it one of hope or tragedy? Life or resurrection...or both?

After a wreck claims Elaine Pearson's family, she embarks on a solo hiking trek into the Blue Ridge Mountains. She only wants to escape her blighted past and the pain of her broken heart. But through a chance encounter with a protective, mysterious stranger, she is thrust into a world where dark creatures that haunted her childhood nightmares are now stalking her from the shadows...and trailing her up a mountain.

During a summer sabbatical, Duke University geneticist, Dr. Ian Kearney, finds Elaine stumbling along the Bartram Trail alone. His slumbering hybrid vampire/lycan soul slowly begins to awaken, and he is unable to resist or deny the persistent soul stirrings that leave him craving a mate. His forgotten human self, however, is also awakening...and the man within wants everything he knows he shouldn't--her.

Cliffhanger Alert!

R. W. Patterson encourages adult audiences to read the completed Heart and Soul series in order: Solace From Shadows, Light and Shadows, Dark Night of the Soul, and Light Over Dark Water. Each book is not intended as a stand-alone work.

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Balancing Family and Financial Freedom

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Have a TIME to be with your FAMILY and LOVED ONES My name is Vincent Hovorka. I spend many years working for strangers and I was unhappy with my job, financial situation and especially with my limited TIME. Then I realized there is another way to be HAPPY, SUCCESSFUL, FIT and WITH PEOPLE I LOVE. Read this 50 page book and find out MORE. It will take you maybe day or two to read this book and you realize so much that this will help you to move to another level in your life. I am here for you to show you what the options are. Don’t waste another year or more that something will happen. If you will be doing the same things over and over don’t expect something will change. You need to make a change. Start RIGHT NOW

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The Killing of the Cherrywood MP

Thursday, May 28, 2020 Category : , , 0

Jihadi brides return from Syria and deradicalised terrorists are released from prison. In reaction extremist right-wing groups proliferate across Europe. The Labour MP for Cherrywood is found murdered and police look for a lone wolf with a personal vendetta against ISIS.

P I Karen Andersen believes it's not that simple. From the roulette tables of the Ritz to the respectable suburbs of Mainz, she searches for the truth. Does the home to one of Germany's violent neo-Fascist cells hold the vital clue, or does it lie hidden in the leafy English countryside

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Quiet Refuge

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Abi Fairchild is a high school senior living in a small Alabama town during the turbulent nineteen-sixties.. She overhears a conversation suggesting the whereabouts of a girl that has gone missing. Unable to resist, she convinces her friend Becca to help her investigate. What they discover leads them into a sinister web of lies, deception, and murder.

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Love Lottery

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A book filled with love, wishes, welcomes, and gratitude throughout.

This story will create appreciated moments to be cherished for a lifetime to come.

I believe in love, I believe in happiness, and I believe these things can be contagious.  The world needs more reminders of the simple joys and love that surround us. 

It doesn’t have to be big, life-changing, dramatic, earth-shaking… It just has to be an appreciated moment….

May this book remind both you and your child of your deep thankful love, and may you always continue to create a beautiful journey and healthy mindset. 

This story is written from a parent’s perspective with an artistic flow of words, illustrations, and fonts throughout.

Grab your e-book now, snuggle in close, and create those precious cherished moments together.

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The Girl in the Red Dress

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When Lenora Oakley wakes up in a hospital bed, she remembers falling down the stairs. She remembers the fleeting glance of a red dress. But did she trip or was she pushed? Only Lenora knows and she won’t tell because she’s frightened that no one will believe her. "The Girl in the Red Dress" is a contemporary ghost story with a chilling twist.

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Change Your Mindset: Master Your Mind to Achieve Your Goals and Create Lasting Happiness!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 Category : , 0

Change Your Mindset helps you tap the power that comes from optimizing your mindset.

With the help of practical exercises, you will erase any limiting beliefs, build strong habits, and start to see serious result

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Hey Rick! Don't Be So Rude !!! A Child's Lesson in Manners

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Cynergy Kids Press introduces Furio the Frog and Rick, best friends at a young age who experience life together.  In our first book of our 'Life Discovery Series', Rick learns the importance of manners from Furio, who learned manners from his parents earlier and passes his lessons onto his best friend Rick.

Rick is not familiar with good manners until Furio informs him of his behavior.  After a couple of lessons from Furio, Rick is on his way to being the one of the most well-mannered boys that anyone can know.

"Hey Rick! Don't Be So Rude !!!" is a useful teaching tool to introduce positive lessons about manners to children. It also 'checks the box' on the following books for young children:

Level 1 reading for kids books
Childrens books on manners between ages 4-6
Prek (pre-kindergarten) childrens books
Preschool books on manners.

As a gift for purchasing our book, you are eligible for a complimentary audio book of "Hey Rick! Don't Be So Rude !!!".  Just turn to the page with our logo and visit the link displayed on the page to download the free audio book.

We hope your child enjoys our book and have fun learning good manners!

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Guardian Angel

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In a desperate attempt to save his wife and coworkers mortally wounded by terrorists, ITER worker Thomas Brookland dares to send himself a few hours back in time in hopes of averting the event. But can a past event be changed?    Instead of arriving in his lab a few hours earlier as he expects, Thomas instead meets a mysterious angelic being who claims he can help. His initial help: dispatching Thomas’ soul on ‘training missions’.

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Rancho Diablo Western Series Omnibus

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 Category : 0


West Texas Army Scout Sam Blaylock rode into the small town of Shooter's Cross looking for deserters, not trouble. Now Sam is putting down roots with his wife and daughter, and no amount of evil can stand in the way.

Secure in their out-of-the-way stronghold, the proprietors of the criminal enterprises never planned on a man like Sam Blaylock—a man who would face the Devil himself to balance the scales. Sam never backed down from a bad situation.

Rancho Diablo Western Series: Omnibus includes – Shooter's Cross, Hell On Wheels, The Hold Up, The Matamoros Bull, The Armadillo's Hole Saloon and Shooter York.

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Wessex: A Captivating Guide to an Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of England and Its Rulers Such as Alfred the Great, Edward the Elder, and Athelstan

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The Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Wessex was created through conquest by the Germanic tribe known as the Gewisse. For the following five hundred years, this kingdom went through various transformations.

Wessex was one of the richest kingdoms, and it is no wonder that law and education prospered here. The kings of Wessex understood the significance of the written word, and it is from here where most of the written records come, and these records survived the ages to tell us their stories.
Get the book now to learn more about Wessex!

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Mental Models: A Step by Step Guide to Improving your Critical Thinking, Decision Making and Problem Solving through Effective Mental Modeling

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Do you want to significantly improve the quality of your thoughts, attitudes and behaviors?

Do you want to be able to understand the world better and become better respected?

This book will help you do exactly that!

Many of us take in and process complex information throughout the day, whether it is at work or elsewhere. The ability to break that complex structure down and present it in a simplified version is often crucial to our success but is something that many of us lack. That has now changed!

Inside this book, Mental Models: A Step by Step Guide to Improving your Critical Thinking, Decision Making and Problem Solving through Effective Mental Modeling, you will find new ideas and strategies to help you improve the way you approach problems, with chapters that include:

Understanding different types of schemas
Challenging your existing models
How you can improve your mental models for better results
Greshams’ law and how it can help you become a better person
Tracking your progress
Applying mental models to daily life
And much more…
This book is ideal for anyone who has never heard of mental models before, or for those who not getting the most from the ones they are currently using.

Whichever it is, Mental Models: A Step by Step Guide to Improving your Critical Thinking, Decision Making and Problem Solving through Effective Mental Modeling is the book which will provide a platform for success like no other!

Buy your copy now!

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Smoker Cookbook: The Ultimate BBQ Cookbook and BBQ Cookbook with Easy to Cook Smoking and Grilling Recipes

Monday, May 25, 2020 Category : , 0

Given the popularity of cooking using a Smoker, this smoker cookbook is dedicated to sharing smoker beef recipes, smoker pork recipes, smoker poultry recipes, smoker seafood recipes, and smoker vegetable recipes with you that involve the component of smoking.

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PASSIVE INCOME FREEDOM: 23 Passive Income Blueprints: Go Step-by-Step from Complete Beginner to $5,000-10,000/mo in the next 6 Months!

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23 proven passive income blueprints with step-by-step instructions and feedback on difficulty, potential pitfalls and earning potential. All presented in fun, breezy SassyZenGirl style with lots of additional resources for further study.

"PASSIVE INCOME FREEDOM: 23 Passive Income Blueprints" by Gundi Gabrielle only $2.99 on Kindle on May 25, 2020

An Anthology of Thirty, 30 Minute Made-From-Scratch Desserts...: Desserts just like Grandma used to make,,,

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Have you longed for the days when as a child, you walked into your Grandma's kitchen and enjoyed one of her home-baked pies, cakes, or cookies? Can you taste them?

*Just close your eyes and imagine...*

Your Grandma spent much time in the kitchen, baking sweets and treats for her family—all from scratch-and all from the heart.

The only difference was that Grandma had more time than we do—and she sure didn't use Cool Whip (if she baked like her Grandma did)—and neither do we!

An "anthology" is a collection and we hope that we've brought to you a smattering of Grandma's best desserts (along with newer varieties) from the "classics",
along with some exotic desserts thrown in—spiced with helpful and beneficial tips to make these culinary delights all the more enticing.

We selected only those dessert recipes that use natural ingredients. We also noted in our research that many so-called "30-minute desserts" were created using store-bought items like ladyfingers,
which were then covered with canned fruit and chocolate and the ultimate—Cool-Whip and *Voila!* Dessert in less than 30 minutes! While this may be fine for some,
this is not CakeChatter's idea of a made-from-scratch dessert.

Our desserts are fast and are made-from-scratch (and we mean from scratch!) in 30 minutes (some a few minutes more, so forgive us). We also edited "the way" to put a
recipe together, making the directions much simpler and easier to follow, so that your desserts will "sing" your praises when devoured.

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DARKNESS AND LIGHT: Complete Poems 2014-2019

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Complete poems of Bestselling Poet J.Allen Eckert's masterful series of poetry "Darkness and Light". You'll fall in love with these poems, they are dark and intriguing while at the same time hopeful and bright. In classic J.Allen style each poem is short and easy-to-understand, yet deep and meaningful. Quotable lines abound in this inspiring modern classic.

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Jaded Billionaire

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A heartwarming and humorous sweet romance that will leave you smiling. He wanted to be left alone. She didn’t even want to be there. If they could just stay out of each others way for one week...

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Scale or Die!: Achieve True Freedom in Your Real Estate Business & Live Your Life Without Regrets

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Scale or Die! is a nuts and bolts guide to building a real estate business that gives you true time and money freedom. Based on the real life journey by its author, this book lays out the good, bad and ugly of building a business from the ground up. Stop being a slave to your business and start building it the right way so you can avoid regrets in life.

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The Quietus

Sunday, May 24, 2020 Category : 0

It was just another virus arriving during the first cool days of Autumn. It was just another flu, another bug, that would run its course.

But, this bug had teeth and those teeth clamped down on the neck of the human race and shook hard.

In just months, thousands of years of human progress disappeared as disease ravaged the land and governments fell and survival undercut the niceties of civilized society. Great cities toppled.

Countries were shattered from within. Populations were decimated.

In Black Rock, a secluded mountain town in New England, the survivors of the pandemic watched as the world faltered and fell. There would be no rescue, no aid, arriving to save them. No government forces bearing supplies. No FEMA. No CDC. No Red Cross with coffee and doughnuts. To survive the unthinkable, they would be forced to band together to overcome the seemingly impossible odds.
With winter fast approaching and unknown dangers lurking just beyond their borders, the survivors would be forced to hunker down in the only safe spot available. If help would not come to Black Rock, Black Rock would learn to stand alone.

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Narcissistic Women. The Concrete Healing Guide for Abused Men

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If you are a man dealing with a narcissistic woman, this book is for you. Additionally, if you are not sure whether your wife or girlfriend is narcissistic, you will find out.
Reading this book, you will learn:

How to recognize a narcissistic woman before engaging a relationship with her.
How to recognize a narcissistic wife, then divorcing and co-parenting.
How to protect your children from parental alienation.
How to recognize financial abuse and recover from it.
How to heal yourself from co-dependency and narcissistic abuse syndrome.
How to change your old toxic pattern of relationships and learn to appreciate healthy, empathetic, rational adult women.

Before this book was published, men victims of narcissistic women were not considered the way they deserved to be, and female narcissists were not represented the way they should be.

If you are an empathetic man, you have a harder time because of the way our society is, but this book will finally help you to get rid of your toxic relationship and start healing from narcissistic abuse.

If you need to start changing your life, don't miss this book.

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Dream of Freedom (American Dreams Book 1)

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Best-selling author Michael Phillips transports readers to the South, as the seeds of Civil War are sown-and those against slavery take a stand.

In the antebellum South, Richmond and Carolyn Davidson live lives of ease as wealthy plantation owners. But even though their prosperity and livelihood depend on slave ownership, their Christian consciences speak against the practice.

When the Davidsons decide to follow their own moral conviction and God's will by freeing their slaves, they face consequences they never could have anticipated. Risking their lives as an important link in the Underground Railroad, helping runaway slaves escape to the northern states, the Davidsons must rely on their wits-and God's protection-to stay alive.

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"A mesmerizingly fascinating and addictive story," of alternative energy, demonic possession and the second American civil war, WINDFALL follows Seth Tatton, a corporate attorney with a side job as a bespoke hitman for a cabal of politicians, magnates and military leaders. Even under Seth's secret life, things aren’t what they seem, because of something inside him - with big plans. And when Seth is assigned to watch a troubled young woman, all of those plans start to fall apart...

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The SirtFood Diet: Discover The Celebrities Secrets to Weight-Loss

Saturday, May 23, 2020 Category : 0

How To Lose 7lbs In As Little As 7 Days: The Ultimate Sirtfood Diet Book (with Recipes). Enjoy the Celebrities’ Favorite Diet!

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The Pigeon Hole

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"All we need to do is get back to the Pigeon Hole. We’ll be safe there. Safe from society, safe from the law and safe from retribution.”

The Pigeon Hole explores twenty-first century life, through the lens of the good, the bad and the ill-informed.

When a curiously violent crime strikes the suburbs, society's attentions shift towards unearthing the villainous perpetrators. However, upon closer inspection, things aren't entirely what they seem. A microscopic examination of the suspects results in a search considerably closer to home...

A neoteric take on the stereotypical crime novel, The Pigeon Hole will compel you to question everything about your social standpoint.

Think you know the world from top to bottom? We’ll just see about that.

Read "The Pigeon Hole" by Oliver Page on Amazon Kindle

The Power of Your Past & the True calling of Your Soul!

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How far are you willing to go to answer the true call of your soul? Are you willing to go back to your past to liberate your future?

We are the sum of our experiences, and sometimes our pasts hold unhealthy power over our current lives. The Power of Your Past & the True Calling of Your Soul is an interactive guide to achieving a better life.

Author Angelika Schulze takes us on a journey into understanding our pasts, that we may move forward in purpose.

Through an in-depth exploration of five key sources of power, Schulze delivers practical wisdom in a conversational exchange with readers.

The power sources are broken into lessons with specific focus on soul healing. Detailed exercises accompany affirmations for immediate application. With themes of forgiveness, acceptance, gratitude, and love, readers are directed towards living a life of uniqueness and being the greatest versions of themselves.

The Power of Your Past & the True Calling of Your Soul is a true response to the soul’s cry.

Reprogram your past. Know your self-worth. Practice self-love. Acknowledge your intuition. Activate your visualization.

The Power of Your Past & the True calling of Your Soul! by Angelika Schulze, only $2.99 on Kindle from May 23-25, 2020

The Path of Life Journal: Your Personal Journey

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Are you prepared to venture beyond comfort zones, and rediscover your life’s destiny? A Review By Lesley Jones for Readers’ Favorite In today's hectic society, it is sometimes easy to lose touch with who we are, our life purpose, and our core values. Whether you believe in God or not, building a relationship with him not only enhances your spiritual awareness but your life experiences too. The Path of Life Journal by Pamela Sanders Ellis is filled with golden nuggets of information and techniques that will minimize your chances of procrastination or failure. The author takes a very non-judgemental approach and realizes that as humans we are all susceptible to outside influences. She guides us gently through a very interesting section on health and fitness which I loved, especially the affirmations and the how-to avoid cravings sections. The journal at the end is really going to make a positive impact on your chances of success too with great questions to ask yourself as you proceed on your journey.

The Path of Life Journal: Your Personal Journey by Pamela Sanders Ellis on Amazon Kindle

Flat Earth: Book One of the Flat Earth Trilogy

Friday, May 22, 2020 Category : , , 0

One night filled with mystery and meteors will change the life of a small town farm boy who never dreamed of what lie beyond...the wall.

To the west lies the wall, a gargantuan metal manifestation that runs as far as the eye can see.  They've been taught that it was built for their protection.  Not to approach it.  Not to ask questions.

James spent all 18 years of his life in the shadow of the wall, never even traveling beyond the county lines.  It was forbidden.  He went to high school, hung out with his friends and his long-time girlfriend, Carol.

He played baseball and never questioned their small-town mid-twentieth century existence.

Until a shiny, chrome-like object fell from the sky between the wall and his family's wheat farm setting him on the path to a whirlwind adventure.

One where he'll have to fight for Earth's very existence and the girl he loves.

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The Peshtigo Fire of 1871: A Captivating Guide to the Deadliest Wildfire in the History of the United States of America That Occurred in Northeastern Wisconsin

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The story of the Great Peshtigo Fire has not been told nearly often enough, and yet it is a story that will captivate every reader. Parts of it seem to border on science fiction: trees exploding in the heat of the fire, a tornado made of flames sweeping through an entire town in a single hour, birds caught up and burned in mid-air. Yet all of it is true, and so are the stories of the people who witnessed the fire first-hand and survived it.

Get the book now to learn more about the Peshtigo Fire!

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The House of Fortune by Nick Kelly

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On the remote far north east coast of Qatar a village awaits the return of its menfolk from long days of diving for pearls. It's the summer of 1928 and life is hard. Pearling is the only means of income and if the divers don't do well the villagers won't be able to survive. The Al Bahr family live in Al Mafjar and Al Khor, some are fortunate, some are not. Lubna Al Bahr will have to marry soon but who will her parents choose for her? Despite the hardships, she is happy living a simple life with her mother, father and brother in the village but all this could soon change.

Through the turmoil of war and dramatic times in the Middle East 'The House of Fortune' follows the family through the decades, interchanging with events in Cairo, Kuwait and Qatar where just as the colonial days appear to be over, oil becomes the focus of attention. Now Qatar is the richest nation on earth but what was it like in the formative times of the 50s, 60s and early 70s as a nation was created? The simple ways of the desert and the sea yield to the demand for development. The Al Bahr family try to change with the times and one particular house becomes the focus of daily life, but can those within its walls adapt to the dramatic circumstances they face?

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Sing: Poems of Joy

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"Sing: Poems of Joy" is a heartfelt and uplifting journey through the beauty of joy in life. "Sing" is book 7 in the 9 book series "Darkness and Light" by Bestselling Poet J.Allen Eckert. You will enjoy these classic J.Allen poems, they are short and easy-to-read reflections on the goodness of life. Sometimes playful and sometimes nostalgic, there is a little bit of something for everyone in these unique and inspiring poems.

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Will of Steel

Thursday, May 21, 2020 Category : , , 0

When the truth behind her husband’s death comes to light, Jordan will need strength as strong as steel to survive.

Jordan Regent finds herself a widow, running her husband’s steel business. One night while sorting through her husband’s things she discovers a secret that threatens her future. As her life unravels, Jordan must hold on to her faith and fight to survive.

Ryder Foster is a lawyer who offers to help with her husband's business as well as personal affairs. As they search for the truth behind her husband's death, their attraction to each other creates complications and the threat to Jordan increases. Will Ryder be able to help her face the threat and will Jordan be able to let go of the past?

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You Are Awesome

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I believe that there is always another way. When the odds are stacked against you and your back is against the wall. That is never the time to give up. That's the time to dig deep and prove to everyone how awesome you are! Enjoy, take care and stay awesome! Thank you.

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Coffee Roasting Made Easy

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Create a $50,000 income roasting just one hour per day. Hidden within the second most traded commodity in the world is a virtually untapped business opportunity. Coffee Roasting Made Easy provides valuable insights from the pioneers of this new budding industry. Coffee micro roasting is today what micro brew beer was 25 years ago. Learn how to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new opportunity!

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Birthspell by Miriam Khan

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 Category : , , 0

Falling for monsters is forbidden, but rules were made to be broken.

Eighteen-year-old Crystal’s life is improving. She's left the group home in Salt Lake City for her very own room in a manor, in a small cute town, and with a family she never knew existed.

But the Lockes are hiding a secret. Her visions of leering shadows and soul draining creatures begin to merge into reality.

It isn't long before Crystal learns of an age old curse and how she is to be in the center of it. What she doesn’t know is that one boy must initiate the deadly spell.

They've been bound to each other since birth. Too many fates count on their every decision.

But what’s worse? The pact in place to avenge Crystal, or giving her heart to the one who has been sent to destroy her?

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Ukulele for Beginners: A Beginners Guide and Songbook to Learn and Play Ukulele, Reading Different Chords Including Popular Songs

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Are you a beginner and would like to learn how to play the ukulele from scratch? Are you looking for a practical and simple guide to learning to play ukulele?

Playing the ukulele should bring you peace and joy. Do not make it into a job where you feel like you have to practice every day. Music is all about staying true to yourself and staying in love with the practice of it.

"Ukulele for Beginners" by Andrew Scott only $1.99 from May 20 - 21, 2020

Telescope Jim

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 Category : 0

The Buccaneer Left a Hatchet in My Guitar . . . When secret buccaneer Longfellow Jim includes a misfit teen in his conning scheme, sixteen-year old "Miles," who has been exiled to the South Seas for bad behavior, is unintentionally involved in a plot of stealing treasure. Miles is quickly mistaken by authorities to be a notorious pirate and forced to join Longfellow Jim in his treasure-stealing scheme. Little does he know, a giant by the name of Telescope Jim lurks in the South Seas hunting the same treasure. Will Miles survive a battle of trickery, deception, and double-crossing between the two outlaws? Or will he become a casualty of the giant Telescope's cut-throat crew?

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Globalisation has No Future, our Future is Localisation: Be the solution to the economic, ecological and health crises…

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Only a person with profound mental illness can say that there is no problem with our deeply mad and unhealthy civilisation. We pollute the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe. We face a risk of nuclear war, of overpopulation. Big banks steal the value of our money by creating more money for their own benefit. On top of speculating with our money on the food of the poorest.

Inequality has never been so high. So many don’t have enough to eat or get a decent healthcare while few have so much money… So much money that it does not improve their happiness anymore but just make them targets for the poorest! Our countries are not democracies but plutocracies where the rich really have the power by financing campaign of corrupted politicians and lobbying them.

But amazingly there is a single solution to all these problems.

A new system that solves the ecological crisis! It sounds impossible? It is possible.

A new system that solves the problem of inequality in the world! It sounds impossible? It is possible.

A new system that solves the constant repetition of economic crises! It sounds impossible? It is possible.

And more. This new system is also a solution for the risk of nuclear wars, of overpopulation, political corruption, pandemics…

Learn why Left and Right, Socialism and Liberalism are two mistakes that belong to the past.
Join the new model of society now,
Be the solution.

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Love Inside the Silence

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Everything can change in a split second, before you can take your next breath.

Willow Parker had everything going for her, a future she dreamed of every since she was a little girl would soon to become reality. 

It’s funny how things can change in a split second, at the drop of a hat. I, for one, never thought that I would be a victim of those crazy idioms, but unfortunately, no one can predict what the future will bring or what will happen from one minute to the next. For me, my fate was decided five years ago. It was an unforeseen tragedy, one that no one deserved, especially me. How was I to know that changing my daily routine would have an outcome that would leave me in silence for the rest of my adult life?

One thing I didn’t count on was facing the man who changed my life forever.

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Harold Robbins Organized Crime Double

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The story of Francis “Frankie” Kane, an orphan growing up in the dirty world of New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. After being kicked out of a Catholic orphanage when it is discovered that he is of Jewish descent, a confused and deeply distraught Frankie turns to a life of crime, the only life he knows, and he’s good at it. Frankie quickly makes a name for himself and becomes one of New York’s most dangerous men, ruling the city with an iron fist and indulging in his passion for sex, power and the best things life has to offer—regardless of whether they’re for sale.

In Stiletto, Cesare Cardinale is an amoral, aristocratic Italian playboy—an entrepreneur and race car driver who wants for nothing—whether it’s fast cars, beautiful women, or orgies of debauchery. Cesare, however, has two dirty secrets: First, he has a penchant for violence that borders on the sadistic and sociopathic; second, he owes his extravagant life to a Sicilian Mafia don, creating a seemingly perfect relationship—as he leads a double life as a Mafia assassin.

“Robbins’s books are packed with action, sustained by strong narrative drive, and are given vitality by his own colorful life.” —The Wall Street Journal

The Harold Robbins Organized Crime Double includes: Never Love A Stranger and Stiletto.

"Harold Robbins Organized Crime Double" by Harold Robbins, Only $2.99 on Amazon Kindle from May 18-22, 2020

PROCRASTINATION WTF? Are you Wasting Time Frequently? Learn How to Cure Laziness & Overcome Procrastination Once and for All

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Are you Wasting Time Frequently?

Does your tendency to procrastinate dangerously prevent you from carrying out your most important projects?

Does your procrastination habit often freak you out without giving you a clue on how to do things differently or more efficiently?

Would you like to become a real achiever and turn your hidden potential into effective success?

Whatever our life goals might be, we have to admit that some tasks that separate us from them look so arduous, boring or unattractive, that we barely find the motivation to get started.
Fixing that tap that leaks since a whole year, fill out that check to pay the rent, or mow the lawn isn’t appealing to a lot of us. Therefore, we tend to delay instead of doing stuff right away, wrongly thinking we treat ourselves with some kind of freedom. Instead, we accumulate guilt and stress for things we’ll have to do anyway if we want to go forward.

Even if you struggle with laziness and procrastination for many years, whether it is in your professional life or in your personal life, this book can provide you with the useful information and the effective strategies you need to change your lifestyle and finally get things done!

Don’t delay your success any longer and learn how to Overcome Procrastination and Laziness once and for all!

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The Treaty of Versailles: A Captivating Guide to the Peace Treaty That Ended World War 1 and Its Impact on Germany and the Rise of Adolf Hitler

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The treaty that ended the First World War, also known as the “war to end all wars,” was signed at the Palace of Versailles, which had been the home of French kings until 1789 and remains one of the most beautiful structures in the world.

Though the men of Versailles (and they were overwhelmingly men) had arrived in Paris to put an end to World War I, by the time the conference ended, the main goal of the diplomats and national leaders had turned into ending wars for all time.

Obviously, that did not work, and as a matter of fact, the end result of the Paris Peace Conference—the Treaty of Versailles—would likely cause more wars than any of its authors could have possibly dreamed of, including World War II.

Get the book now to learn more about the Treaty of Versailles!

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Business & Spirituality: Secrets of Personal, Professional, & Planetary Evolution

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Inspirational books may provide effective motivation, but often "preach to the choir". In our multicultural and scientific age, and with the rise and dominance of multi-national corporations, more innovative and inclusive approaches are essential to address the enormity of the issues faced by humanity. To answer this need, Business & Spirituality "preaches to the workplace", employing an omni-denominational voice. It speaks to a wide audience: thought leaders, knowledge workers, entrepreneurs, executives, creatives, engineers, staff members, volunteers, and homemakers can all gain new insights for synchronizing personal evolution with professional development, the advancement of groups, and the upliftment of our world. The alluring topics of happiness and prosperity are metaphorical honey, summoning readers toward the higher purpose of self-realization. In this comprehensive work, ageless spiritual teachings and philosophies are explored in conjunction with current studies in exact science and psychology. Abstractions are fashioned into applicable tools and valuable techniques for guiding visions, thoughts, and actions. These powerful transformative technologies can be utilized by individuals and groups in non-dogmatic and non-religious ways that are fully compatible with the ordinarily secular work environment. Mindful and steady use of the suggested methods can elevate organizations and societies into the realm of three-dimensional profitability, with wide-ranging benefits for people and our home Planet.

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Wicked Innocents--Case No. 1, The Frontenac Sisters: Supernatural Sleuths & Monster Hunters

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Evil hides behind the sweetest faces. Even the face of a child. A dark evil has infected the Huggett house. Hyla and Lizeth Frontenac can feel it. What form has the monster taken this time? A deranged mother? A secret crime? Or maybe it's a little girl, weaving a web of lies. For nine-year-old Nelly Huggett has quite a story to tell. Maybe she's just precocious, imaginative, and misunderstood… Or maybe that glimmer in her eye is deceit and cold vengeance. Maybe she's the source of the powerful evil that consumed her entire family. Wherever this evil comes from, it’s dragging Hyla into the abyss faster than she can chase the clues. And she may lose herself before she can save anyone else.

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The Three Kitties That Saved My Life

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"This is like drinking tea and honey on a cold day." A true romance memoir. When tragedy struck, I thought for sure that my own life was at an end. I was wrong. This is the true story of how two stray rescue cats and a woman named Kitty, whom I finally met after a wild ride of internet dating, brought love, romance, and laughter back into my life.

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Mercia: A Captivating Guide to an Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of England and the Invasions of the Vikings during the 9th Century

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The Kingdom of Mercia lasted for more than five hundred years. Such a long period of time brought change to all aspects of Mercian life, and it is the role of history and this book to follow that change through the centuries. But it wasn’t just the kings and queens that changed. The events of the period resonated within social and cultural life, religious beliefs, artistic expression, and trade. Everything evolved under the patronage of Mercia.

In this book, you'll learn all about this fascinating kingdom!

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